La Feria de Valladolid celebrerà a marzo la terza edizione di FINE, Salone Internazionale del contracting specializzato nell’enoturismo

FINE AND THE SPANISH CONFEDERATION OF TRAVEL AGENCIES RENEW THEIR COLLABORATION AGREEMENT Organizzata dalla Fiera di Valladolid, FINE #WineTourismExpo, Salone Internazionale e market place di reclutamento specializzato nel settore dell’enoturismo,  celebrerà la sua terza edizione il 1 e 2 marzo 2022. FINE #WineTourismExpo è un evento [...]

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FINE and the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies renew their collaboration agreement

FINE AND THE SPANISH CONFEDERATION OF TRAVEL AGENCIES RENEW THEIR COLLABORATION AGREEMENT Feria de Valladolid and the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (CEAV) have renewed the collaboration agreement they signed in 2019 to publicise and promote FINE #WineTourismExpo, the international wine tourism fair, which will be held in its third edition on 1 [...]

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In its third edition, FINE takes on the challenge of expanding its international participation

FINE, the International Wine Tourism Fair, held a special edition on 9 and 10 June, marking the start of the new season after the pandemic, characterised by an increase in exhibitors and a work agenda of more than 2,000 scheduled meetings between the hundred or so participating wineries, hotels and regions and the buyers from 16 countries. This represents a 42 per cent increase compared to the first edition of the event.

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Buyers from 17 countries to take part in FINE, Valladolid’s International Wine Tourism Fair

FINE, the International Wine Tourism Fair, will be taking place in Valladolid on 9th and 10th June. This event, designed for professionals, will be attended by more than 75 buyers specialised in the wine tourism segment from 17 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania and America, who will be meeting with wineries, wine routes and accommodation options.

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FINE boosts international expansion with the addition of Codex as its representative in Argentina, Chile and Mexico

Feria de Valladolid has signed a cooperation agreement with the Mexican consulting firm Codex for the promotion of FINE, the International Wine Tourism Fair, in Latin America. Expansion into new markets is one of the targets set for the second edition of FINE, and this collaboration joins the initiatives already underway in Portugal, France and Italy.

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FINE, the international wine tourism expo, organizes its second edition in June

FINE, the International Wine Tourism Expo organized by Feria de Valladolid (Valladolid Trade Fair Centre) will move its second edition to June so that the event can be held in a more favourable environment. The limitations on national and international mobility and the general situation of uncertainty in the short and medium term would significantly affect the normal development of this fair, which has an important international component.

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