Nestled in the heart of Andalusia, Seville emerges as an unparalleled joy in the world of cinema and audiovisual production. Its unique landscapes, rich history, and spectacular architecture make this city a place with a visual appeal that captivates filmmakers and producers worldwide. In the setting of Seville, beauty unfolds in every corner, and history intertwines with modernity in a visually entrancing dance.

The locations Seville offers are as diverse as they are stunning. From the majestic Real Alcázar to the iconic Plaza de España, through palatial homes like Las Dueñas, each place tells its own story and adds a unique touch to the production. The steps of Plaza del Altozano, the Artillery Factory, and the Gardens of Buhaira are just a small sample of the variety of locations that Seville makes available to audiovisual creators.

In Seville, history meets modernity in perfect harmony. From the interiors of temples to the street art that adorns its lanes, every nook offers a unique opportunity to tell a visually entrancing story. The Guadalquivir River, which flows through the city, adds a unique dimension, and the charm of the historic neighbourhoods intertwines with the energy of the industrial zone. Seville is a melting pot of possibilities, a visual treasure awaiting exploration.

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The weather: A plus point for filming at any time of the year

But Seville’s ability to host film productions goes beyond its beauty. The city provides a set of facilities and supports that make shooting here an exceptional experience. With over 310 sunny days a year and mild temperatures, Seville’s Mediterranean climate offers an unparalleled setting for filming. Furthermore, the city boasts an extensive range of hotels, restaurants, and services, alongside a transport infrastructure that includes an international airport, high-speed train connections, and an excellent public transport network.

Sevilla&me, a specialised public service, stands as a bridge between production companies and the city’s municipal services and locations. It offers advice, permit processing, and institutional support, providing smoother access to the wonders that Seville has to offer as a backdrop.

The history of cinema and Seville go hand in hand

Seville’s film history intertwines with that of the city itself, forming a canvas where the magic of cinema comes to life in every corner. From the dawn of cinema to the most contemporary productions, Seville has been the backdrop for numerous films and series that have left an indelible mark on the screen. One of the most iconic cinematic milestones hosted by Seville is the legendary film “Lawrence of Arabia“. The imposing settings of the city, such as the Real Alcázar and the Plaza de España, served as the backdrop for this masterpiece that has remained in the collective imagination for decades. Viewers worldwide were captivated by Seville’s grandeur and its ability to transport audiences to distant and exotic lands.

More recently, the famous series “Game of Thrones” chose Seville as one of its locations to bring the realms of Dorne to life. The spectacular gardens of the Real Alcázar and the grandeur of the Osuna Bullring bore witness to the power struggle in this fantasy universe. Seville became an integral part of the fictional world of Westeros, showcasing its versatility to adapt to any narrative, however extravagant.

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Seville’s influence has also reached the small screen through “The Crown“. The majestic interiors of the palaces and baroque architecture combined to recreate the atmosphere of British royalty, demonstrating once again the city’s ability to evoke different times and settings.

But not only foreign productions have found their home in Seville. “Grupo 7” and “Modelo 77” are clear examples of how the city can become another character in the story, providing authenticity and depth to local narratives. Seville becomes a narrative accomplice, a key piece that brings to life the emotions and experiences of the characters.

In conclusion, Seville is a place where beauty and history merge to provide an unparalleled backdrop for film productions. With a range of locations as diverse as they are impressive, a perfect climate, and a robust support infrastructure, Seville presents itself as a dreamlike place to bring unforgettable stories to life on the big screen.