Moon Valley Films, located in the picturesque city of Windhoek, Namibia, has established itself as a pivotal company in the realm of film production, specialising in facilitating international productions and creating powerful video stories. The company is renowned not only for its creativity and production excellence but also for its unique ability to navigate through the administrative and regulatory landscape of filming in Africa, particularly in Namibia and the southern part of the continent.

The Moon Valley Films team is deeply rooted in the sphere of African cinema, possessing exceptional knowledge of the African landscape, and their commitment to excellence and attention to detail positions them as ideal partners for any project. They meticulously handle crucial administrative aspects of film production, such as obtaining filming permits from the Namibia Film Commission, MEFT park permits, and NCAA drone licenses, ensuring that productions run smoothly from the planning stage to execution.

In the upcoming edition of the Shooting Locations Marketplace, taking place on 17th and 18th October, attendees will have the opportunity to thoroughly understand Moon Valley Films’ proposal. During the event, the various services and facilities offered by the company will be explored in detail, becoming a privileged showcase to understand why Namibia and the surrounding regions are such sought-after filming destinations and how the firm facilitates unforgettable filming experiences in these locations.


Source: Moon Valley Films

The charm of wild Africa is a significant asset for Moon Valley Films

Exploring Namibia through the cinematographic lens reveals not only its iconic desert landscapes but also a diversity of locations that are true treasures for any film production. From the dazzling sand dunes in the Namib Desert, offering a palette of changing colours and dramatic shadows, to the vast and wild plains where wildlife becomes a co-star in any story.

In addition to the majestic natural sceneries, Namibia is home to locations that provide a fascinating architectural and historical contrast. Windhoek, the capital, provides an urban backdrop that combines contemporary architecture with colonial buildings, while places like Kolmanskop, an abandoned mining town, offer a surreal and evocative scenario that tells its own stories of boom and decay through the sand-invaded ruins.

The variety of green areas, from jungles to oases, also provides a wide spectrum of options for filmmakers. The rich ecosystems of Namibia’s national parks, protected areas, and nature reserves stand as magnificent environments for developing immersive and visually striking narratives. All these places not only offer impressive visuals but also provide an authentic and unique atmosphere that can enrich the plot and visuals of any production.

Filmmakers can rely on Moon Valley Films to access this mosaic of exceptional locations. Their solid experience in managing logistics and permits allows production teams to focus on their art, while Moon Valley Films ensures that every detail, from transportation logistics in difficult terrains to remote accommodation and filming permits, is meticulously planned and executed.

Thus, in a world where location is key to telling immersive visual stories, Namibia emerges as a rough diamond, and Moon Valley Films as the indispensable partner that can help filmmakers discover and make the most of every corner of this unique cinematic land. The firm provides not only access but also unconditional support that enables filmmakers, both local and international, to explore, discover, and ultimately, tell the stories that reside in Namibia’s landscapes and localities.

The offerings and capabilities of Moon Valley Films will be presented in detail during the Shooting Locations Marketplace, allowing participants to glimpse the possibilities awaiting their projects in the rich and diverse lands of Namibia and its surroundings, ensuring that the stories emerging from this region continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.