The Cantabria Film Commission emerged within the framework of the Regional Society for Education, Culture and Sport, Ltd., driven by the Government of Cantabria. This non-profit entity has a primary mission to promote Cantabria as the ideal place for audiovisual and film shootings, both nationally and internationally.

For those who choose Cantabria as a setting, this commission provides a full range of services. These include specialised advice, provision of relevant information, and assistance in obtaining permits. Moreover, those interested in delving into what the Cantabria Film Commission can offer will have the chance to do so during the next edition of the Shooting Locations Marketplace, which will take place on the 17th and 18th of October.

The true charm of Cantabria lies in its locations. The region has been described as “a dream set”, and it’s no exaggeration. With landscapes ranging from pristine beaches to imposing mountains, Cantabria offers an unparalleled backdrop for any production. Moreover, it’s not just the nature that dazzles, but also its architectural wealth. Historical monuments, cobbled streets, and old buildings provide a diverse ambiance in a geographically accessible space.


Source: Cantabria Film Commission

Nature is another of its assets

But the repertoire doesn’t end there. Cantabria has extensive green areas, ideal for those shootings looking for a fresh and natural atmosphere. Forests, meadows, and natural parks are just some of the settings that can be leveraged. On the other hand, for productions that require a more urban or iconic environment, Cantabria boasts historic centres and emblematic places that add a cultural and distinctive touch to any project.

The commission not only facilitates locations but also provides access to audiovisual professionals in Cantabria, ensuring high-quality production. Additionally, the Cantabria Film Commission is an active member of organisations such as the Spain Film Commission (SFC) and the European Film Commission Network (EUFCN), guaranteeing its presence and recognition in the international audiovisual scene.

Furthermore, sustainability is a fundamental pillar for the Cantabria Film Commission. From avoiding shooting in sensitive habitats to reducing travel and promoting the use of eco-friendly vehicles, measures have been implemented to ensure environmentally respectful filming. This sustainable vision is reflected in every aspect of production, from location selection to waste management, always aiming to minimise ecological impact.

In conclusion, the Cantabria Film Commission offers not only breathtaking landscapes and locations but also a firm commitment to sustainability and quality. Those looking for a unique shooting location and wishing to do so responsibly will find the perfect ally in Cantabria.