The Valladolid Film Commission is a public technical office, integrated in the Sociedad Mixta para la Promoción del Turismo de Valladolid, which is responsible for assisting audiovisual production companies (film, TV, advertising, animation, digital) who wish to develop their projects in the city of Valladolid and its province, also providing the logistical, artistic and professional information necessary to shoot in any selected location, in all phases from pre- to post-production.

The main objective of the Valladolid Film Commission is to promote Valladolid and its province as a location for any local, national or international audiovisual projects, with the immediate aim of generating local industrial activity, and at the same time promoting a new niche of tourist activity.

Operationally, in addition to undertaking local and national promotional activities, and participating in international ones with SFC, the ordinary activity of Valladolid Film Commission consists, thanks to its public nature, in facilitating, in a completely open and free way, the procedures for requesting locations in public spaces, information for contacting companies and private locations, obtaining permits, aid and incentives, etc., responding to both regulatory needs, as well as operational and logistical ones, to offer the capital and the province all the possibilities of a real film set.

This entity will be part of the second edition of Shooting Locations Marketplace, with the city being the nerve centre of the event. Production companies, location scouts, filming destinations and auxiliary production services companies will meet in Valladolid on the 20th and 21st October, demonstrating once again the importance of the audiovisual sector in the city.