The Aveleda wineries will take their wine tourism proposals to FINE

Since 1870, Aveleda has been a family business dedicated to the production of wines renowned worldwide for their quality. Today, the fifth generation of the family is committed to preserving the Aveleda legacy with passion and dedication. With these values, the Portuguese organisation wants to present its proposal at the fourth edition of FINE.

Another important fact is that Quinta da Aveleda is the largest exporter of Green Wine in Portugal. It offers guided tours of its historic gardens, old winery and tasting room, as well as wine tastings. The purchase of a tour also offers a free tasting. The Vinho Verde region is one of the best destinations for wine tourism.

In the context of such an important heritage and our journey through the world of wine, with wine tourism we are reaching out to the future, in a highly personalised way and with a truly disciplined, elegant and unique character. Aveleda’s wine tourism projects are actively present in three wine regions in Portugal: Quinta da Aveleda, Vinho Verde; Quinta Vale do Sabor, Douro; and Villa Alvor, Portimão. In each of these three properties, Aveleda offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Source: Bodegas Aveleda

Three areas form its wine tourism heritage

At Quinta da Aveleda, in Penafiel, about 30 minutes from Porto and on the way to the Douro Valley, in the heart of the Vinho Verde region, visitors can enter this magical space and discover 300 years of family history that, for five generations, has cared for this property as a family jewel.

Surrounded by centuries-old trees of rare species, visitors can enjoy the lake, the Manueline window, the tea house and the fountains, part of the 8 hectares of preserved historical and romantic garden.

The vineyards surround this heritage site, with lush, lined vineyards. The Bodega Vieja area tells the story of the history of brandy, in a unique space dating from 1850 where countless barrels sleep. Next to the coach house and stables, guests find the old grain threshing floor, whose renovated architecture now houses the tasting room which proposes several wine tastings, combined with cheese made on the property.

In addition to traditional lunches and wine tastings, at Quinta da Aveleda, full immersive experiences can be enjoyed, such as wine and bread workshops, as well as unique and different activities, such as picnics in the garden, learning to paint with wine or an escape room in the garden.

Source: Bodegas Aveleda

Moving on to a second part, Quinta Vale do Sabor, within the Douro Superior, is a property of 42 hectares. The oldest vineyards of this quinta are around 35 years old. This is one of the two properties that are part of Quinta Vale De Maria’s Douro project.

Planted among others, with Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz Alicante Bouschet and berry varieties, they are exposed to the east, bathed by the morning sun and protected from the hot afternoon sun. The vineyards of this historic valley are the source of wines that perfectly reflect the character of this land.

At the heart of the property is the wine cellar, where visitors can taste and purchase wines produced in Portugal’s oldest demarcated region, as well as enjoy the beautiful view over the vineyards. They can also visit the wine bar, the dining room and the outdoor tasting area, to enjoy the panoramic views of the property while tasting some of the most exquisite wines Portugal has to offer.

With this new proposal, Aveleda will join forces with the best wine producers in the Douro region to offer an unparalleled wine tourism experience. Visitors will be able to discover the family’s history and commitment to maintaining an exceptional legacy, while enjoying the wines that have become the hallmark of the winery.

Finally, there is the Villa Alvor in Portimao, an 80-hectare property in the south of the country that offers spectacular views of the Alvor Bay and the Mediterranean Sea. This place has a unique and powerful heritage, the result of the fusion of diverse cultural influences that have developed over centuries.

The property focuses on the production of an innovative range of wines and proposes a boutique wine tourism project that allows guests to live an intimate and exclusive experience in the Algarve vineyards, with a wine cellar, barrel room, terrace and wine shop.

In the shop, visitors can taste and buy wines produced in various regions, such as Vinhos Verdes, Douro, Bairrada, Lisbon and Algarve, as well as sample Aveleda cheeses and other local delicacies. In addition, the area has some indoor and outdoor tables for individual and group tastings.

Source: Bodegas Aveleda

The uniqueness of the experiences is one of its strengths

Aveleda has taken its commitment to quality into the world of wine tourism, offering personalised experiences that combine the elegance, discipline and uniqueness that characterise the winery. Visitors can enjoy the rich history and culture of Portuguese wine, and discover what makes Aveleda one of the most iconic wineries in the neighbouring country.

A family-run winery dedicated to producing wines of exceptional quality for over 150 years, it is taking its wine tourism projects to new heights in Portugal. With three projects across the country and a passionate commitment to maintaining its legacy, visitors can enjoy an unforgettable wine tourism experience at Aveleda’s properties. With the opening of its newest project at Quinta Vale do Sabor in March 2023, wine lovers.