Casa Santos Lima: Portugal’s commitment to wine tourism at FINE 2023

The Casa Santos Lima winery is a family business dedicated to the production, bottling and marketing of Portuguese wines. With a total vineyard area of 400 hectares in the regions of Lisbon, Algarve, Alentejo, Vinho Verde and Douro, this winery has positioned itself as one of the best wine producers in Portugal.

Casa Santos Lima was recently recognised as the “Best Portuguese Producer” by the prestigious international wine competition “Mundus Vini 2021“. This is not the first time that the company has been recognised for its exceptional quality, as it also received this distinction by the “Berliner Wein Trophy 2020” competition for the second time in a row.

The Casa Santos Lima winery not only focuses on the production of high-quality wine, but also on offering a unique wine tourism experience. This will be the core of its presence at FINE #WineTourismExpo, the wine tourism fair that will take place on 1 and 2 March in Valladolid.

Getting to know your proposal for tourists

The guided tour is an excellent option to get to know Quinta da Boavista and the wine production process “desde la vinha até ao engarrafamento“, as can be read on its website. During the guided tour, visitors can discover the museum, the cellar, the barrel room and the shop, where they can buy the winery’s exclusive wines at special prices.

Wine tasting is another option offered by the winery. This visit starts in the shop/museum, where visitors can learn all about the centenary history of Casa Santos Lima.

This is followed by a walk through the Jardim das Castas (in the vineyard), the cellar and the barrel room. At the end of the tour, visitors can enjoy a tasting of wines chosen especially for them, accompanied by appetizers. Tasting options include the Prova Lisboa (3 wines from the region), Prova Varietal (4 single-vineyard wines), Prova Terroir (5 wines from 5 regions) and Prova Premium (3 premium wines).

Casa Santos Lima also offers buggy or charrette rides through the vineyards, so that visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Quinta da Boavista. The buggy rides last thirty minutes and a minimum of two and a maximum of ten people can participate at the same time. The charrette rides are a little longer, lasting one hour and a maximum of four people.

For those looking for a more personalised experience, Casa Santos Lima offers events and teambuilding in its various indoor and outdoor spaces. Events can include meetings, in-house training, coffee breaks, lunch, wine tasting tours and team building activities.

Casa Santos Lima is undoubtedly one of the best options for those looking for a unique wine tourism experience in Portugal. In addition to its high quality wine production, the winery offers a wide variety of guided tour, tasting and activity options. If you are a wine lover and you are planning touristic actions in Portugal, do not hesitate to visit their stand throughout the two days of FINE #WineTourismExpo.