El Bierzo will showcase its wine tourism potential at FINE 2023

The north of Castilla y León has wonders to offer wine tourists, not only the epicentre with Valladolid and the Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin as flagships are relevant in terms of wine tourism. The Bierzo region has a lot to say with unique experiences in the whole national panorama.

The Wine Route “Bierzoenoturismo” is currently made up of   or municipalities in this region, in the province of León. Within it, 70 different types of companies offer their services: wineries, specialised wine shops, some of them with wine and cheese tasting and tasting services.

Source: Bierzo Enoturismo

Las empresas asociadas es uno de los motivos del éxito

Agri-food companies that produce local products with a guarantee seal are part of this project. In El Bierzo, in addition to wine, there are other emblems of quality in gastronomic terms: roasted peppers, chestnuts, cherries, reinette apples, conference pears and the traditional sausage, botillo.

Manufacturing companies welcome visits to their facilities. Beekeeping organisations that incorporate beekeeping tourism into the Wine Route, as well as a selection of urban and rural accommodation with charm, restaurants, active tourism companies, guide companies, travel agencies, event organisers, etc.

The variety of wine tourism on offer is wide-ranging

Both the individual offer of the member companies and the combination of their services generates a very wide and diverse offer, adaptable to different markets and types of public. Among the most outstanding and exclusive activities you can find “Beekeeping on the Camino de Santiago“.

Thanks to this activity, wine tourists can learn the secrets of artisan honey production in the middle of the most famous route in the world. A little honey never makes anyone bitter, the visit to the wineries will be sweetened with a walk through the workshop where one of the most famous honeys in the country is extracted and bottled.

Source: Bierzo Enoturismo

Another of the most popular experiences is the wine tasting at La Viña de los Pinos, where wine lovers can visit the site and learn about the traditional Bierzo vineyards and the different methods used at harvest time. The activity ends with a tasting of three wines in the Cabaña de los Pinos.

To sum up the importance of wine tourism for El Bierzo, the “Peiquexperiencia” is one of the most highly valued by all those who visit this area of León. From the reception at the winery and an explanation of its philosophy, visitors will go on to a walking tour of the vineyards where they will be able to see, first hand, the most curious plots of the Peique family in Valtuille de abajo.

Tourism should be focused on the traveller and his or her tastes

In El Bierzo, as with other routes, they consider wine tourism as a whole that encompasses a wide range of experiences, but which focus on a very simple idea: that the traveller enjoys himself.

The specialised public prioritises the wine experience over the rest of the offer, which does not mean that they disdain other types of experiences that they consider complementary, such as nature or history.

The specialised public wants to know the varieties and singularities of each appellation of origin, to whom it is necessary to offer high level tastings with knowledge of oenology. The wineries associated with Bierzoenoturismo, most of them with a strong family character, receive visitors in a very personalised and authentic way.