The Lanzarote Film Commission brand, propelled by SPEL in 2014, emerged with the firm purpose of positioning Lanzarote as an emblematic destination in the audiovisual sphere. Since its inception, the brand has left its mark on the most prestigious European film fairs. Additionally, it has provided a warm welcome and comprehensive advice to major film productions and advertising spots, proving to be a pillar in the audiovisual production process on the island.

One of Lanzarote Film Commission’s strengths is the variety of locations it makes available to producers and creatives. Lanzarote is a true visual paradise, capable of offering, within short distances, everything from white and black sand beaches, through striking volcanic landscapes, to picturesque villages, imposing cliffs, scenic roads, and modern marinas. Furthermore, assistance in location scouting is personalised, allowing audiovisual teams to find that specific spot that fits the vision of their projects.

Those interested in thoroughly discovering what the Lanzarote Film Commission has to offer will have a unique opportunity during the next edition of the Shooting Locations Marketplace, which will be held on the 17th and 18th of October. At this event, the secrets and attractions that make Lanzarote an unparalleled filming destination will be revealed.

Ecology is one of the key points of Lanzarote’s proposition

In addition to its visual richness, Lanzarote is recognized for its commitment to sustainability. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993 and has maintained its dedication to environmental preservation over the years. This peaked in 2015 with the Biosphere Responsible Tourism certification, reaffirming the unique and sustainable character of this destination. Therefore, filming in Lanzarote is also an eco-responsible decision, aligned with the values of a greener and committed cinema.

The climate is another of Lanzarote’s great attractions. Temperatures are mild and stable, with an annual average of 22ºC, offering ideal conditions for shooting throughout the year. The clear skies, protected from pollutants and considered among the cleanest in Europe, become the perfect backdrop for any shot. This is added to the scarce rainfall, guaranteeing outdoor shooting with minimal weather inconveniences.

From a logistical point of view, Lanzarote Film Commission provides comprehensive support, from coordination with local entities to the management of filming permits. It also provides information on accommodation and catering, considering that the island has a wide offer of quality hotels, adapted to the needs of production teams.


Source: Lanzarote Film Commission

Art is another reason to look for locations on this island

Lanzarote is not just a sun and beach destination; it is an island where nature and art converge in harmony. It’s a place where every corner tells a story, where the cuisine tastes of sea and land, and where the local culture is manifested in unique festivals. This essence, this unparalleled character, is transferred to each production that decides to shoot in its lands, granting it a special, genuine, and authentic nuance.

Finally, connections with the continent are smooth and comfortable. Lanzarote International Airport offers daily connections with major European capitals, facilitating the mobility of production teams.

The Lanzarote Film Commission, hand in hand with Turismo Lanzarote, stands as the perfect link between the island and the audiovisual industry, ensuring that each project carried out in this corner of the Atlantic is a reflection of the character, beauty, and uniqueness of Lanzarote.