Vigo, located on the picturesque coast of Galicia, has become an increasingly popular destination for the film industry. Its blend of natural landscapes, diverse architecture, and infrastructure supporting audiovisual production position it as an ideal filming location.

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A versatile natural and urban setting

The city of Vigo offers an impressive variety of scenarios ranging from pristine beaches to modern urban buildings. The Rías Baixas, with their white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, provide an ideal setting for shoots requiring stunning coastal landscapes. These beaches have been featured in numerous productions due to their natural beauty and ability to transport audiences to an idyllic paradise.

But Vigo is not just about nature. Its urban center blends historic architecture with contemporary buildings, allowing filmmakers to create interesting contrasts in their productions. The cobbled streets of the old town evoke a medieval atmosphere, while the more modern areas of the city offer a perfect backdrop for contemporary stories. This diversity is one of the main reasons Vigo has captured the attention of so many producers.

Vigo’s port area also deserves special mention. It is the largest fishing port in Europe, and its vibrant daily activity provides a dynamic and authentic environment for any production looking to capture life in an active port. Additionally, nearby shipyards and industrial facilities offer a perfect contrast to the region’s more idyllic landscapes, allowing for great creative flexibility.


Source: Vigo Film Office

Infrastructure and production support

Vigo stands out not only for its landscapes but also for its infrastructure and support for film productions. The Vigo Film Office is an invaluable resource for filmmakers looking to shoot in the region. They provide assistance with permits, location scouting, and connecting with local providers, greatly facilitating the production process.

The city offers a wide range of services related to audiovisual production. From technical equipment to local talent, Vigo has everything needed to carry out a production from start to finish. Moreover, the city has invested in improving its facilities to accommodate large-scale shoots, attracting both national and international productions.

Vigo’s climate is another factor favoring film productions. With mild winters and pleasant summers, the climate allows for outdoor filming for much of the year without major inconveniences. This, combined with local hospitality and the cultural richness of the region, creates a very attractive environment for production teams.

In conclusion, Vigo presents itself as a versatile and well-equipped filming destination capable of meeting the needs of any film production. Its mix of natural and urban landscapes, along with a solid infrastructure and enthusiastic local support, make this Galician city a place every film professional should consider. And to explore more about the opportunities offered by Vigo and other destinations, don’t forget to attend the Shooting Locations Marketplace 2024.