The magic of filming locations in cinema not only lies in their stunning natural landscapes or dazzling urban architectures, but also in the versatility and support provided by the accommodations. THB Hotels, with an extensive collection of hotels strategically located in diverse settings across Spain, offers an unparalleled choice for film and television productions seeking comfort and a wide variety of settings.

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A network of hotels with unique settings

THB Hotels boasts a series of establishments in privileged locations that can serve as perfect settings for a variety of film productions. From the majesty of Mallorca to the serenity of Lanzarote, each hotel offers a unique atmosphere adaptable to diverse filming needs.

In Mallorca, THB hotels offer everything from panoramic views of the Mediterranean to elegant and modern interiors. Places like THB El Cid, located on the beachfront, provide not only idyllic coastal settings, but also high-quality facilities essential for the production team. Moreover, the island itself offers a wealth of varied landscapes, ideal for any type of visual narrative.

Lanzarote, with its characteristic volcanic landscape and rocky coastline, offers an almost otherworldly setting that has been used in multiple international productions. Hotels like THB Flora in Puerto del Carmen offer not only comfortable accommodation, but also facilities for the technical team, with versatile spaces that can be adapted to meet the needs of the production.

The Costa del Sol, with its pleasant climate and blend of tradition and modernity, is also an attractive option. Hotels like THB Torrequebrada in Benalmádena combine modern facilities with spectacular sea views, perfect for shoots requiring sophisticated interior design as well as sunny and vibrant exteriors.

THB Hotels

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Services and facilities for the audiovisual industry

In addition to their privileged locations, THB Hotels offers a range of services that facilitate the work of audiovisual productions. These hotels not only provide comfort and luxury for the cast and production team, but are also equipped to support film projects logistically.

THB Hotels understands the demands of the audiovisual sector and therefore provides comfortable and flexible accommodation for large teams. The hotels are equipped with meeting rooms that can be used for pre-production and planning, as well as relaxation areas for the team, creating an efficient and pleasant working environment.

Each hotel offers a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that can be easily adapted to meet the specific needs of each production. From terraces with panoramic views to elegant lounges, each space can be transformed into the perfect set, reducing the need for constant travel and optimizing shooting time.

THB Hotels understands the importance of connectivity and technical support in modern productions, guaranteeing high-speed Wi-Fi and technical assistance to ensure that operations run smoothly. Additionally, many of their hotels offer additional services such as gyms and spas, ideal for team relaxation after long working days.

With a network of accommodations in privileged locations and a range of services and facilities specifically designed for the film industry, THB Hotels stands as the ideal partner for any audiovisual production. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover more about these locations at the next edition of the Shooting Locations Marketplace in Valladolid.