British Film Commission joins the second edition of SHOOTING LOCATIONS MARKETPLACE as an international filming destination. This event is organised by Feria de Valladolid and Spain Film Commission, with the aim of bringing together professionals from the audiovisual sector and reaching commercial agreements. The British Film Commission hosts world-renowned productions, offering great benefits:

  • Generous tax reliefs: The UK’s creative tax reliefs are recognised as being the most transparent and inclusive in the world, with payable cash rebates of up to 25% on qualifying UK expenditure.
  • Diverse range of unique locations: The UK has a varied range of accessible locations, which have featured in some of the most internationally acclaimed film and television productions.
  • World-class studios: The UK offers an extensive range of purpose-built studios and alternative stage space, with the capacity to facilitate long and short-term productions of any size.
  • Cutting-edge VFX and post: The UK has the largest concentration of award-winning post-production and VFX facilities, talent and capacity.
  • Award-winning talent and crew: The UK offers universally recognised and respected talent in-front-of, and behind-the-camera. Our extensive and experienced crew base is able to service multiple feature film and television productions of any genre, budget and scale.
  • Film-friendly policies: The UK has a culture of co-operation with film-friendly policies to ensure your productions go as smoothly as possible, with the minimum of ‘red tape’.