Shooting Locations Marketplace will once again count on the collaboration of PROFILM, the association of which most of the production companies that develop audiovisual projects with third countries in Spain are members. According to their figures, these production companies achieve annual investments of more than 200 million euros a year and generate thousands of jobs in the audiovisual and services sector.

Shooting Locations Marketplace is an event developed by Feria de Valladolid and the Spain Film Commission that aims to facilitate meetings between location scouts, production companies and filming destinations, to generate a business scenario for professionals from all over the world.

The general director of Feria de Valladolid, Alberto Alonso, recalled the good results of the first edition, which registered more than 700 scheduled interviews between localisers and participating destinations. The “fam trips” with which Shooting Locations Marketplace concluded was one of the elements most highly valued by the attendees, as they provide a real vision for future filming scenarios.

The president of PROFILM, Fernando Victoria de Lecea, pointed out that “it is essential to organise meeting spaces like the one in Valladolid in which synergies are generated like last year, which, if they did not materialise immediately, will do so in the near future. In the case of national productions, little by little, they have slightly higher budgets, which allows for the diversity and variety of filming on location and, with regard to international productions, there is increasing interest in filming in Spain, which is why it is so interesting to create formats such as Shooting Locations Marketplace that allow us to show what we Spanish audiovisual professionals are capable of”.

The second edition of Shooting Locations Marketplace will be held on 20 and 21 October at the Feria de Valladolid. It is an event organised by Feria de Valladolid and Spain Film Commission.