Quinta da Folgorosa at FINE #WineTourism Marketplace

Quinta da Folgorosa, founded in 1711 by the Biker Correia family, has been dedicated uninterruptedly to wine production since then, becoming an emblem of tradition and quality.

This year, the prestigious winery will participate in the next edition of FINE #WineTourism Marketplace, which will be held on the 13th and 14th of March 2024, presenting its wine tourism proposal that promises to enchant all attendees.

Located in Dois Portos, just 40 minutes north of Lisbon, Quinta da Folgorosa not only stands out for its award-winning wines but also for its commitment to sustainability and authenticity in each bottle.

The winery owns approximately 50 hectares of vineyards, benefiting from the unique conditions afforded by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

This particularity endows its wines with a special freshness and minerality, attributes that have become a hallmark of Quinta da Folgorosa. The dedication to organic viticulture and the gradual implementation of sustainable practices demonstrate the winery’s commitment to the environment and the production of the highest quality wines.

An unforgettable wine tourism experience

Quinta da Folgorosa invites visitors to immerse themselves in the world of wine through a wine tourism experience that combines the natural beauty of its vineyards with the richness of its vinicultural heritage.

From guided tours of the vineyards to picnics among the vines, the winery offers a variety of activities that allow visitors to explore and enjoy the essence of wine in a unique and personalised manner.

The opportunity to be a winemaker for a day, creating your own wine blend, is one of the most outstanding experiences that Quinta da Folgorosa offers, allowing visitors to take home not just a wine but also an unforgettable memory.

Beyond wine: tradition and heritage

In addition to its wine tourism proposal, Quinta da Folgorosa is proud of its rich historical and cultural heritage.

The winery has witnessed significant events over the centuries, from the French invasion to the creation of the Casa Folgorosa by the renowned architect Ernesto Korrodi in the 1910s.

At FINE #WineTourism Marketplace, Quinta da Folgorosa will not only share its exceptional wines but also the history and traditions that make them unique.

Quinta da Folgorosa represents the perfect harmony between tradition and modernity, offering visitors to FINE #WineTourism Marketplace a comprehensive wine tourism experience.