Visit Portugal and its wine tourism charm at FINE #WineTourism Marketplace

Portugal entices visitors not only with its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes but also through its established winemaking tradition. Blessed with a mild climate that favors the production of high-quality wines, the country stands out as a paradise for wine tourism enthusiasts.

Visit Portugal, the brand operated by the Central Portugal Regional Tourism Promotion Agency, aware of this potential, has prepared a unique proposition for the next edition of FINE #WineTourism Marketplace, on March 13th and 14th, 2024.

Portugal’s geographical diversity, from its Atlantic-bathed coasts to its interior mountains and valleys, sets the perfect stage for producing a wide variety of wines. This richness is mirrored in Visit Portugal’s wine tourism proposal, inviting exploration from the historic cellars of the Douro Valley to the innovative wineries of Alentejo, and the uniqueness of the wines from the Madeira and Azores islands.

Visit Portugal’s wine tourism proposal

Visit Portugal’s invitation into the world of wine is a sensory journey that starts in the north of the country, in the Douro region, where the landscape, shaped by centuries of viticulture, has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Here, visitors can delve into the history of Port wine, enjoy tastings in centuries-old cellars, and marvel at the beauty of its terraced vineyards.

In Alentejo, wine tourism is experienced amidst vast expanses of vineyards and olive groves, offering a more intimate and personalized experience. The wineries in this region, known for their innovation and sustainability, open their doors to share the secrets behind the production of internationally acclaimed wines. Moreover, the offering is complemented with activities that unveil the region’s cultural and natural heritage, creating a comprehensive wine tourism experience.

Wine tourism in Portugal also extends to the islands of Madeira and Azores, where wine acquires unique characteristics due to their special climatic and geographical conditions. In Madeira, one can explore the history of the renowned Madeira wine, while in the Azores, heroic viticulture on volcanic soil offers a distinct perspective on wine production.

Visit Portugal’s proposal at FINE #WineTourism Marketplace is undoubtedly an invitation to closely discover Portuguese wine culture, an experience enriched by the country’s hospitality and excellent cuisine, where every dish finds the perfect pairing with a local wine.

A window to portuguese culture and tradition

Beyond its rich wine tourism offer, Portugal stands out for its profound cultural legacy and continuous innovation in promoting sustainable tourism. Visit Portugal’s participation in FINE #WineTourism Marketplace is also an opportunity to highlight the integration of wine tourism with heritage conservation and the promotion of environmentally respectful practices. This commitment is reflected in the choice of activities and experiences that emphasize the importance of preserving the country’s authenticity and natural beauty for future generations.

In essence, Visit Portugal’s presence at FINE #WineTourism Marketplace showcases how wine can be the perfect vehicle to discover the cultural, historical, and natural richness of a country. We invite all attendees to explore our wine tourism proposal and immerse themselves in the essence of Portugal, a country that, through wine, shares its soul with the world.