Tenuta Sartarelli at FINE #WineTourism Marketplace

Tenuta Sartarelli, situated in the heart of the Marche hills, has established itself as an undisputed benchmark in the production of Verdicchio, showcasing to the world the richness and potential of this indigenous varietal.

Its participation in the upcoming edition of FINE #WineTourism Marketplace, on the 13th and 14th of March, 2024, offers a unique opportunity to get a closer look at its exceptional enotouristic approach, which combines tradition, passion, and respect for the environment. The winery prides itself on being a pioneer in producing wines exclusively from Verdicchio, highlighting the uniqueness and quality of its products.

Wine tourism proposal

The wine tourism proposal of Tenuta Sartarelli focuses on total immersion in the world of Verdicchio, from vineyard to glass. Visitors and enthusiasts can explore the estate located in Poggio San Marcello, where the Sartarelli family has devotedly cultivated this varietal, reflecting the essence of the territory in each bottle. The winery offers guided tours that not only narrate the history of winemaking but also highlight its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

The itineraries include visits to the Sartarelli museum, where Verdicchio is honored through images, documents, and curiosities that trace its evolution and rise. This cultural experience is complemented by tastings that allow discovering the complexity and elegance of its wines, including the Sartarelli Brut, the Classico, the Tralivio, the Balciana, and the Passito.

Each tasting becomes a sensory journey that underscores the unique identity of Verdicchio and its ability to express the Marche terroir. The museum, with its contemporary design alongside the historic farmhouse, symbolizes this connection between Sartarelli’s heritage and future.

The modern structures, made with materials such as wood, stone, steel, and cork, not only respect the environment but also create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors, inviting them to explore the history and future of Verdicchio in an exceptional setting.

Commitment to zero waste

Tenuta Sartarelli’s commitment to the “zero waste” concept reflects its commitment to sustainability and the production of the highest quality wines, respecting both the environment and consumer health. This approach is based on the adoption of agricultural and vinicultural practices that minimize environmental impact and ensure that both the grape and the final wine are free of synthetic chemical residues.

At the heart of this philosophy is the strategy of integrated pest management, which uses natural technologies and products, such as resistance inducers, to protect the vines. These products, derived from plants, algae, and yeasts, activate the plants’ natural defenses without the need for synthetic chemicals. This practice is not only a demonstration of Sartarelli’s respect for the natural environment of its vineyards but also a guarantee for consumers that they are enjoying clean and pure wines.

The implementation of this “Residue Zero” approach began in 2013 and has gradually been extended to the entire surface of the company, evidencing the success and viability of these sustainable practices. The certification of the company’s internal guidelines by recognized bodies underscores Sartarelli’s seriousness and commitment to this vision, which considers Earth, vine, and man as parts of a single living organism.

Tenuta Sartarelli’s participation in FINE #WineTourism Marketplace is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to firsthand understand how this emblematic winery has managed to combine its deep love for Verdicchio with an innovative and sustainable vision of the wine world.