In the world of filmmaking, finding the perfect location can make the difference between a memorable and an ordinary film.
Sevilla emerges as a unique and versatile setting capable of attracting filmmakers worldwide.

It boasts a rich history, impressive architecture, and a vibrant cultural life, presenting itself as an unparalleled destination for any type of audiovisual production.

Sevilla and Me is a platform that connects the city with the world of cinema, offering a profound look into the countless possibilities the city has to offer. From the majestic streets of the old town to the modern buildings that make the city unique, blending the best of both worlds and creating a visual palette adaptable to any narrative.

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A true architectural and cultural gem

Sevilla is a fascinating city that, with its blend of architectural styles and diverse cultures, has been the backdrop for numerous renowned cinematic productions.

Films like Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, and the popular series Game of Thrones have found perfect inspiration in Sevilla for their stories.

Sevilla’s old town is one of the largest and best-preserved in Europe, where every corner takes you on a journey through time. From the majestic cathedral to the imposing Giralda, passing through the Alcázar and its spectacular Plaza de España, these monuments not only provide a historical backdrop but also offer a unique atmosphere that can transform any setting into something truly spectacular.


Source: Sevillaandme

The narrow alleyways and charming squares of the Santa Cruz neighborhood create a perfect setting for narratives seeking an intimate and evocative atmosphere.

In addition to its historical richness, Sevilla boasts modern buildings and spaces that can serve as contemporary backdrops. The Metropol Parasol, locally known as “Las Setas,” is an innovative wooden structure offering panoramic views of the city and can adapt to both futuristic and contemporary scenes.

On the other hand, the Isla de la Cartuja, a former site of the 1992 World Expo, now hosts technology parks and cultural spaces, offering a variety of locations for productions seeking a modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

What facilities are there for production?

Sevilla and Me not only offer a variety of locations but also provide robust logistical and technical support for your audiovisual projects. From managing filming permits to coordinating local services, the platform ensures that each production receives the necessary support to realize its vision smoothly and efficiently.

Moreover, Sevilla boasts a network of highly skilled professionals, including film technicians, production designers, and other experts, who can seamlessly integrate into any production team.

The city is well-connected nationally and internationally, with an airport offering direct flights to numerous European cities and a high-speed rail system linking it to Madrid and other major Spanish cities in just a few hours. This accessibility facilitates the logistics of transporting equipment and personnel, making Sevilla an even more attractive destination for filmmaking.

Additionally, Spain offers attractive tax incentives for the audiovisual industry, and Sevilla is no exception. Productions can benefit from significant tax deductions, as well as other financial and logistical support provided by local and regional authorities.

These incentives make Sevilla not only an aesthetically and logistically appealing choice but also a financially viable option for productions of any size.