Blau Hotel: A Renowned Hotel Chain in Stunning Destinations, Offering Perfect Film Locations

Blau Hotel is a renowned hotel chain present in some of the world’s most stunning destinations, offering a wide variety of perfect locations for filming movies.

With a strong commitment to quality and service, Blau Hotel guarantees not only a luxurious stay but also settings that can transform any audiovisual production into a masterpiece.

Those interested in learning more about this place and everything it has to offer will find additional details in the next edition of Shooting Locations Marketplace, to be held on October 15 and 16, 2024, in Valladolid. This event is organized by Feria de Valladolid and the Spain Film Commission. Unique Opportunities in Diverse and Singular Settings

Blau Hotels offers a wide range of options, from stunning coastal landscapes to sophisticated urban enclaves. Their properties in Asturias, Mallorca, and Cuba are known for their versatility in meeting various filming needs, providing a unique blend of natural beauty and modern amenities.

These destinations are ideal not only for beach scenes and tropical adventures but also for more complex narratives requiring authenticity and exclusivity. In Asturias, the Gran Hotel Las Caldas***** and Las Caldas**** by Blau is surrounded by a wonderful natural environment located just 8 kilometers from Oviedo. The visual richness of this hotel provides an ideal setting for shoots ranging from nature-filled romances to adventure films.

In Mallorca, the Blau Colonia Sant Jordi Resort & Spa**** offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by natural landscapes including pristine white sand beaches and natural parks. This setting is perfect for productions aiming to capture a clear focus on sustainability and environmental respect.

This resort is ideal for productions seeking a Mediterranean atmosphere with a blend of luxury and nature. Its facilities facilitate the logistics of any production, ensuring the crew can work in a comfortable and well-equipped environment.

In Cuba, the Blau Varadero Hotel**** stands out for its modern architecture and spectacular ocean views. This hotel offers not only a visually appealing setting but also a connection to Cuba’s culture and history, enriching the narratives that can be developed in this unique environment.


Specialized Services for Film Productions

Blau Hotels understands the needs of the film industry and is committed to offering unique services to facilitate the production process. From spacious halls and areas for production teams to high-quality catering services, the hotel chain is fully equipped to meet the needs of any audiovisual project.

Additionally, Blau Hotels provides access to local support teams, facilitating connections with professionals who are well-acquainted with the area and can offer technical and logistical assistance. The flexibility of the spaces allows producers and directors to adapt the environments according to the specific needs of each shoot, ensuring a high level of customization.

At Gran Hotel Las Caldas**** and Las Caldas by Blau**** in Asturias, both outdoor and indoor areas are designed to be versatile and adaptable, allowing film crews to create impressive sets without the need for major modifications. Furthermore, it offers accommodation options for groups, facilitating logistics to keep the crew and cast close to the filming location.

On the other hand, Blau Colonia Sant Jordi Resort & Spa**** in Mallorca not only offers stunning landscapes but also a wide range of activities and wellness services. From luxury spas to water sports, the entertainment and relaxation options are abundant, ensuring that the crew can recharge and stay motivated during rest periods.

Blau Punta Reina****, a 90,000 m² resort, features spacious apartments, sea-view rooms, a spa & wellness area, and all-inclusive services. This resort is located between the beautiful beaches of Cala Mandia and Cala Estany d’en Mas.

Finally, at Blau Varadero Hotel in Cuba, panoramic views and modern facilities create an inspiring atmosphere for any production. With a team dedicated to event organization, they facilitate logistical coordination to ensure everything runs smoothly during filming.