At the heart of the Valencian Community, Sociedad de Proyectos para la Transformación Digital SAU (SPTD) emerges as a key player in the promotion and execution of tourism, cultural, sports, industrial and technological projects. This public company, under the aegis of the Generalitat Valenciana, was founded in December 1996 to support public action and contribute to the development of the Special Master Plan for Uses and Infrastructures “Área Parque Temático” Benidorm-Finestrat and the Special Master Plan for Uses and Infrastructures “Ciudad de la Luz” in Alicante. Since then, its mission has evolved and expanded its scope, covering the promotion, execution and management of projects in various sectors, supported by the Generalitat Valenciana.

Ciudad de la Luz: A dream stage for Audiovisual Production

Within the broad spectrum of SPTD’s activities, one of the most exciting aspects is its commitment to the audiovisual industry. Ciudad de la Luz, located in Alicante, is one of the most modern film studios in Europe. This state-of-the-art complex offers advanced audiovisual production services and has all the facilities and resources necessary to carry out film and audiovisual productions at all stages.

Ciudad de la Luz is not only a film studio, but also an economic engine for the Valencian Community. From its inception in 2005 until the end of 2011, the 66 audiovisual works produced in the industrial complex achieved a direct economic impact of more than 200 million euros in the Valencian Community. These projects not only generated significant revenues, but also boosted the local economy through contracts with Valencian companies, overnight stays in hotels and employment for Valencian technicians and extras.

Sociedad de Proyectos para la Transformación Digital

Source: SPTDCV

Digital District: Innovation and technology at the service of audiovisual production

The complex that houses the Ciudad de La Luz Studios is also the main headquarters of the Digital District Comunitat Valenciana. This initiative, promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana, attracts consolidated technology companies and startups, to cover a wide range of technologies, from artificial intelligence and big data to virtual reality. These tech companies can adapt innovative tools and solutions to meet the specific needs of audiovisual productions, including filming, visual effects and video games.

Explore the diverse locations of the Valencian Region

In addition to the facilities of the Ciudad de la Luz, the Valencia region offers a wide range of natural and urban locations to bring your audiovisual projects to life. From rural and seaside settings to urban environments with a rich architectural variety, this region is a treasure trove of visual possibilities. Castles, churches, historic monuments and contemporary architecture are among the many options available.

Ciudad de la Luz is not alone in this endeavor. The Business Park associated with this complex brings together the best national and international companies in the audiovisual sector. From camera and crane rental to photographic laboratories and lighting services, these companies are equipped to provide professional and efficient solutions to production needs.

The Valencian Region also boasts state-of-the-art leisure and entertainment facilities, such as water and theme parks, which make this region an ideal destination for film productions. It is no wonder that blockbuster films such as “The Impossible” and “All is Silence” have taken advantage of the exceptional locations of the Comunitat Valenciana to bring their stories to life.

SPTD, through its commitment to digital transformation and the promotion of the region, becomes the perfect partner to merge technology and creativity in your audiovisual productions. Whether you choose the Ciudad de la Luz facilities or explore the various locations in the Valencian Community, you will be opening the door to endless possibilities for your audiovisual projects.