Micones Estate, erected in the heart of southern Spain, between Seville and Jerez de la Frontera, emerges as an enclave of historical splendour and contemporary versatility. With its strategic location, backed by accessibility provided by two international airports, high-speed railways, and motorways, it positions itself as an ideal spot for various productions, including film shooting and photo sessions.

The history enveloping Micones Estate is rooted in neoclassical architecture, permeating every corner with tales of bygone times. Constructed in the 18th century by Genoese merchant Tomasso Micon, on what was once an olive grove, this property has witnessed evolutions, standing as an architectural monument and an active agricultural entity. The building and its surrounding lands are today meticulously safeguarded and preserved by a family devoted to both agricultural work and the arts and contemporary art collection.

On the 17th and 18th of October, during the Shooting Locations Marketplace event, attendees will have the opportunity to thoroughly explore Micones Estate’s proposal as a privileged location for various audiovisual projects and events. This event will facilitate direct knowledge of this space, allowing industry professionals to glimpse the multiple possibilities this unique property offers.

A typical sevillian hacienda could be the set of your next shoot

The extensive variety of spaces that Micones Estate offers is manifested both in its interiors, where rustic charm is balanced with modern sophistication, and in its outdoor spaces. The property hosts a 9-acre garden, offering a wide range of shooting possibilities ranging from green meadows to confined outdoor spaces, where a collection of large archaeological pieces is displayed.

Hacienda Micones

Source: Hacienda Micones

The luxurious interior of the hacienda offers diversity and flexibility, notably in spaces like “The Gallery”. In this extensive room, large semi-circular windows face the courtyard, and inside, hunting trophies are juxtaposed with Neolithic artefacts, offering a rare and characteristic backdrop. Such a mixture of historical and cultural elements results in a daring combination of eras and styles, enhancing the creation of visually impactful images and unique narratives.

Of particular interest for audiovisual production is the stunning chapel of the Estate, whose simple facade conceals a rich interior, housing an altar, several paintings of interest, and a full liturgical trousseau. This chapel, together with other iconic elements of the property, like the large central well of the paved courtyard and the tower serving as a viewpoint, offer a wide range of possibilities for visual compositions in the production environment.

The extensive spaces are also a point in its favour

Micones Estate not only proposes locations rich in history and visually stunning but also ensures logistical functionality with ample spaces for parking, loading, and unloading. This commitment to practicality and aesthetics ensures that productions can operate with optimised efficiency while leveraging a diversity of captivating backdrops for their projects.

In its hallways, between its walls, and under its sky, Micones Estate hopes to be the stage for new stories, for creations that transcend time and space. This place, where the past meets the present, and nature joins hands with man, positions itself as a canvas awaiting new creative brushstrokes. The possibilities are as vast as the horizons that unfold on its lands, inviting creators to explore, discover, and ultimately, to create.

Be sure to explore every corner of Micones Estate and discover how your next project can come to life in this multifaceted space, brimming with history during the upcoming edition of the Shooting Locations Marketplace. It is here, where authenticity and imagination converge, that creative visions are destined to become reality.