Gran Canaria, with its geographical and cultural diversity, has always been a blank canvas for filmmakers and producers from all over the world. This paradisiacal corner in the middle of the Atlantic not only offers stunning landscapes, but also presents itself as an ideal location for all kinds of audiovisual productions. The Gran Canaria Film Commission has worked hard to establish the island as an undisputed reference in the audiovisual world, and this effort is reflected in the numerous productions that choose this natural setting to bring their stories to life.

The island, often called a “miniature continent”, is a compendium of contrasts that make it special. To begin with, the beaches of Gran Canaria are dreamlike. Whether you are looking for the tranquility of the golden sands or the majesty of the cliffs that plunge abruptly into the sea, every coastal corner offers a unique atmosphere. These settings have witnessed movie romances, thrilling adventures, and action scenes that defy gravity.

But Gran Canaria is much more than beaches. Inside, the island hides natural treasures that range from lush forests to arid landscapes reminiscent of the world’s great deserts. These green and mountainous areas have served as the setting for epic films, adventure stories, and documentaries seeking to capture the essence of nature in its purest state.

Gran Canaria

Source: Gran Canaria Film Commission

Filming in Gran Canaria is to immerse oneself in different epochs

As for architecture and infrastructure, Gran Canaria is not left behind. The picturesque and colonial towns transport to other times, while the modern and cosmopolitan architecture of the urban areas is perfect for contemporary or futuristic stories. Estates, haciendas, and unique locations, such as marinas and airports, offer a range of possibilities for any production, whether it is a commercial, a television series, or a high-budget film.

In addition, the Film Commission facilitates the search and processing of permits, offering prior advice on the most suitable places according to the needs of the project. The diversity of settings in a geographically reduced space makes transfers easy and optimizes production times, an added value that directors and producers love.

And if the above was not enough, during the next edition of Shooting Locations Marketplace, on the 17th and 18th of October, those interested will have the unique opportunity to delve into detail into the proposal that Gran Canaria has for the audiovisual world. A perfect occasion to discover everything this island can offer.

As a final note, Gran Canaria is not only an ideal location for its landscapes and facilities, it is a statement of intent. It is a commitment to the audiovisual industry, it is an invitation to create and dream. It is, in short, the place where stories come to life and where the magic of cinema becomes reality. So, if you are looking for the perfect setting for your next production, Gran Canaria awaits you with open arms.