Alicante, jewel of the Mediterranean, gleams with its unique combination of landscapes, green areas, and iconic locations that make it a favoured destination for film and television. Its coasts, mountains, castles, and urban areas offer a varied palette for any cinematic production seeking to enhance its story with striking settings.

This picturesque Spanish corner not only captivates tourists from all over the world but also attracts filmmakers and producers thanks to the diversity of its locations. From the Castle of Santa Bárbara, a symbol of the city, to its expansive beaches stretching along the coast, Alicante presents itself as a blank canvas, waiting to be captured on the big screen. Furthermore, the city prides itself on its rich history, with buildings and monuments that have witnessed the passage of various cultures and civilizations, as reflected in the Museum of the City of Alicante (MUSA).

Throughout the next edition of the Shooting Locations Marketplace, which takes place on the 17th and 18th of October, Alicante’s proposal as an epicentre for film locations will be thoroughly explored. A unique opportunity to discover firsthand the wonders that this city has to offer the world of visual entertainment.


Source: Patronato Municipal de Turismo y Playas de Alicante

The Alicante area is not only dominated by the beach

Alicante is not limited to its historic centre and its beaches; it also offers green areas and natural spots that become the perfect setting for stories requiring direct contact with nature. Mount Benacantil, with its rich history linked to the city, stands as a natural bastion, while its parks and gardens bring a touch of freshness and tranquillity to the bustling urban environment.

The Alicante Municipal Board of Tourism and Beaches plays a crucial role in the promotion and management of these spaces. Dedicated to increasing tourist demand and enhancing the city’s offer, this entity works in harmony with the mission of placing Alicante on the national and international tourist map. Its work is not only focused on promotion but also seeks to ensure the appropriateness and quality of the tourist structures and services, including the management of the beaches and the promotion of Alicante as a congress destination.

They want to position themselves as one of the quintessential cinematic destinations

The promotion and tourist marketing campaigns driven by the Board have allowed Alicante to be recognised not only as a holiday destination but also as an ideal space for film production. Moreover, collaboration with both public and private entities has enhanced an integrative and diverse vision of the city, showcasing all the facets it has to offer.

Without a doubt, Alicante is firmly positioned as a destination of choice for those in the film and television industry. Its scenic richness, coupled with its historical and cultural heritage, makes it a living stage that promises to add value and authenticity to any production. The invitation is extended: discover Alicante and all the cinematic possibilities it offers.