The history and evolution of cinematography in the Berlin-Brandenburg region is reflected in the trajectory of Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH (Medienboard). Born in 2004 from the merger between Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH and the media office of Berlin-Brandenburg, this entity has been a focal point for all media industry professionals in this region. From its headquarters in the media city of Potsdam Babelsberg, Medienboard combines location marketing and film financing for both geographical areas.

During the next edition of Shooting Locations Marketplace, which will take place on 17 and 18 October, attendees will have the opportunity to thoroughly understand Medienboard’s proposal. Thanks to its location marketing division, the region has strengthened its national and international presence, consolidating itself as an ideal enclave for audiovisual production.

Masterpieces have had Berlin as a set

Berlin-Brandenburg is a treasure for filmmakers. Here, in the legendary Babelsberg studios, masterpieces such as “Metropolis” and “The Blue Angel” were born. The region, with its 3,000 lakes, has witnessed countless productions that have transformed its natural and iconic landscapes into magical settings for the big screen. The variety of spaces, from green areas to historical buildings, along with a range of film festivals, make Brandenburg a preferred choice for lovers of the seventh art.

One of the features that further enhances the appeal of Berlin-Brandenburg for shooting is its climate. Berlin, with its moderate summers and cold winters, offers a variety of atmospheres that lend themselves to various cinematic narratives. The well-defined seasons allow for recordings that require winter landscapes covered in snow or summer scenes in its lakes and parks. This climatic versatility translates into flexibility for directors and producers who seek to bring their visions to the screen.


Source: Berlin Film Commission

Beyond natural and architectural beauty, the region has a rich legacy in the film industry. This heritage is manifested in its commitment to training and development, evidenced in Medienboard’s film financing division. This division not only provides support for film projects but also advises on financing and offers training in content and business, strengthening the area’s audiovisual ecosystem.

The commission supports that production scenarios have a second life in tourism

The decision to film in a region is not taken lightly. The economic benefits that a shoot can bring to the locality are significant. From hiring local services such as hotels and restaurants to the opportunity for residents to work as extras, the film industry can breathe life into a local economy.

But the impact goes beyond the monetary. A film or series can keep filming locations alive in the collective memory, turning them into tourist and cultural destinations that will attract visitors from all over the world.

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg not only represents the convergence of financing and location marketing, but it is also a testament to a region that has known how to combine its historical heritage with the modern demands of the film industry. The next edition of Shooting Locations Marketplace is an unparalleled opportunity to explore everything this region has to offer to the world of cinema.