La Palma, Affectionately Deemed “The Beautiful Island,” Majestically Stands as One of the Canary Archipelago’s Most Treasured Gems in Spain. This island, although compact with its 700 km², is a kaleidoscope of locations ideal for any audiovisual project. From film and television productions to commercials, La Palma offers a range of landscapes so varied it defies its size.

At a single glance, you can appreciate imposing mountains, meandering valleys, lush tropical forests, otherworldly volcanic landscapes, jagged coasts, and unique beaches. And if this natural display wasn’t enough, the island harbors unique spots that, beyond their beauty, offer a rich aesthetic palette to audiovisual creators. This amalgamation of locations, in such an accessible space, represents significant savings in production costs. Moreover, the attractive fiscal incentives of the region make filming in La Palma not only an aesthetic decision but also an economic one.

Throughout the upcoming edition of Shooting Locations Marketplace, to be held on October 17 and 18, attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in everything La Palma has to offer. This will be an unbeatable occasion to get to know the virtues of this Canary jewel up close.

It’s not just nature: History and culture are also present in La Palma

Beyond its unparalleled nature, La Palma distills history and culture in every corner. It possesses deep interior spaces, from classic theaters to luxurious restaurants, all wrapped in architecture that merges the classic with the contemporary. The infrastructures, in turn, harmonize perfectly with the natural environment, presenting unique buildings that evoke times from the past to futuristic visions.

But if there’s something powerfully outstanding in La Palma, it is its coasts. The interaction between sea and land has sculpted black sand beaches, imposing cliffs, and secluded coves that remain unspoiled in their primal essence. These maritime scenarios are ideal for recreating everything from tourist beaches and fishing villages to visions of African or Latin American landscapes. The ports, both ancient and modern, add a touch of authenticity and diversity to the catalog of locations available on the island.

La Palma

Source: La Palma Film Comission

La Palma’s cities and towns are another invaluable asset. The influence of Colombian architecture and its adaptation to modernity result in urban spaces where scenes in Caribbean cities, old Spanish towns, or streets reminiscent of bygone eras can be recreated. This adaptability makes La Palma a wildcard for directors and producers looking for versatility in their shoots.

We cannot forget the vast networks of roads, paths, and tunnels that traverse the island. These routes, some enveloped by distinctive volcanic lava and others immersed in the jungle’s thickness, provide dynamic locations. The kilometers-long tunnels, for example, can become the perfect stage for an action sequence or an atmospheric shot.

Full support from La Palma Film Commission

Furthermore, La Palma not only provides exceptional locations but also solid professional backing. The island has an extensive catalog of professionals and specialized companies in both the audiovisual field and services for shootings. La Palma Film Commission, for its part, offers free advice and comprehensive support to productions, ensuring that each shoot develops without setbacks.

Elements such as the pleasant climate, with an average annual temperature of 23°C, the island’s inherent safety, a vast offering of quality hotels, and spaces of serenity and silence, make La Palma a preferred destination for shoots. The clean sky, the intense blue of the sea surrounding the island, and the tranquility of knowing it is a territory not yet saturated by massive productions, add invaluable value.

La Palma positions itself as an unparalleled enclave for the audiovisual industry. From its landscape diversity to its specialized infrastructures and services, everything on the island is oriented to facilitate and enrich the filming process. Those who have the opportunity to attend the next edition of Shooting Locations Marketplace will have the fortune to discover, firsthand, everything “The Beautiful Island” has to offer.