The magic of cinema is sublimely conjured in France, a country that has been the cradle of unforgettable cinematic experiences and the home of unique talents in the industry. The French Film Commission, or Film France, emerges as a key piece in this ecosystem, providing comprehensive support to foreign productions and characters looking to create in the diverse and rich French panorama. This department of the CNC (French National Film Centre) stands as a fundamental pillar for any film project that seeks to absorb and project the French essence.

One of the greatest attractions of filming in France is, undoubtedly, the impressive diversity of locations it offers. From unparalleled heritage sites like Mont Saint Michel to natural landscapes like the lavender fields in Provence, France unfolds a range of scenarios that can transport a film production through time and space. Urban cities, mountains, beaches, forests, and villages, from the medieval era to modernity, are at the creators’ disposal, waiting to be the backdrop for captivating stories.

These majestic settings will be explored in depth during the next edition of the Shooting Locations Marketplace, which will take place on 17 and 18 October in Valladolid. Attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the French proposal, getting to know up close the infinite possibilities that these locations offer, and how they can become the perfect canvas for international film projects. Undoubtedly, an essential appointment for those looking to take their production to the next level.


Source: The French Film Commission

Talents and experts at your disposal

Film France not only provides advice and support in finding locations but also expertise on the Tax Rebate for International Productions (TRIP) and assessment of project eligibility. Additionally, it provides assistance with location scouting, filming, animation, VFX work, and post-production in France, connecting creators with a solid network of 36 local film commissions and industry professionals. Essentially, it becomes the one-stop shop for all the needs of a foreign production in France.

Of course, beyond the charming natural landscapes, France also takes pride in its built heritage. From small fishing villages in Brittany that exude authenticity to the unparalleled glamour of the French Riviera, filmmakers have the freedom to choose from a variety of atmospheres and environments. Modern cities, with their vibrant life and contemporary architecture, also offer a fascinating counterpoint to more traditional and rural locations.

Moreover, to further facilitate the creative process, Film France allows exploration of over 20,000 locations through its free database. Creators can create a professional account to start working on their project and share their location portfolios with their team. From Renaissance castles to modern virtual sets, the range of options for shooting in France is as vast as it is exciting, allowing each project to find its perfect place within this cinematographically rich and diverse country.

With up to a 40% tax rebate for international productions, France not only opens its doors to the diversity and richness of its locations but also positions itself as a financially attractive destination for creators from all over the world. Film France, therefore, is not just a facilitator but a strategic ally that enables filmmakers to not only imagine but also realise their visions in a tangible and exceptional way.

The invitation is thus extended for directors, producers, and creators from all corners of the world to discover the French experience in its utmost expression. Through the stories that await to be told and the landscapes that await to be explored, France continues to solidify its position as an epicentre of film creation, where every frame is a work of art waiting to be captured.