The Provincial Council of Burgos, together with the Burgos City Council in Spain, have created the Burgos Film Commission, a free public service committed to providing the highest level of professional support to companies and professionals in the film and audiovisual industry, promoting filming in the province.

The Burgos Film Commission is a non-profit institution that will assist in location scouting and facilitate all film and audiovisual productions, from feature films to video clips. All of this is offered through personalised support, paying attention to individual needs and with an emphasis on quality and discretion.

The Burgos Film Commission is comprised of a group of professionals with extensive experience in serving film and television production companies, as well as the music industry.

This dedicated team will ensure that Burgos becomes both a stage and a set for the film industry, transforming itself into a top-tier cinematic tourist destination.

Throughout the next edition of Shooting Locations Marketplace, which takes place on the 17th and 18th of October, all interested parties will have the opportunity to thoroughly understand the proposal that the Burgos Film Commission has to offer.

A story of decades committed to cinema

The city and province of Burgos have been the setting for film productions since the dawn of cinema. From the first recorded film, ‘Burgos Voyage’ (1911), to more recent productions, the region has hosted both national and international shootings. Great directors and renowned actors have left their mark here, making Burgos a true cinematic destination.


Source: Burgos Film Commission

A broad spectrum of locations

Locations in Burgos are vast and varied. The city offers a perfect frame in every corner for filming, with its historic buildings being one of its hallmarks. The well-known cathedral, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, presides over the city. But it’s not just about historical architecture. Burgos is the epicentre of Human Evolution thanks to the Atapuerca sites and is a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.

Furthermore, the Camino de Santiago passes through the city, being an international pilgrimage route and a source of inspiration for numerous audiovisual productions. Moving to a more natural environment, Burgos has picturesque valleys, enchanting waterfalls, such as those of Tobera, and mysterious caves, like the Cave of Sotoscueva.

And in a more modern context, since 1959, Burgos has become a reference industrial centre and a communication node between the north of the peninsula and Madrid. The unique architecture of Burgos displays a perfect harmony between tradition and modernity.

The urban variety ranges from ancient villages that have turned into neighbourhoods due to urban growth, to industrial areas and working-class districts, offering a wide range of locations for any script.

In short, Burgos offers not only spectacular locations but also comprehensive support for film and audiovisual productions. Whether it’s a historical drama, a romantic comedy, or a science fiction production, Burgos has the perfect stage waiting to be discovered.