Apu Productions, established since 2001 in Los Angeles and with significant growth positioning it as a leader in production services in Peru, has been at the forefront, showcasing to the world the rich and diverse Peruvian geography. With over two decades of experience in producing TV shows, films, commercials, documentaries, and fashion sessions throughout the country, the company has been a participant and witness to the hidden splendour that Peru offers to filmmakers and creatives internationally.

Peru’s rich history and culture, as well as its incredibly varied geography, have become a favourite setting for the exploration and development of various cinematic projects. From vast coastal deserts to the imposing highlands of the Andes, through multiple jungle settings and, of course, exceptionally well-preserved ancient ruins, Peru provides a diverse and surprising palette of locations that seduces filmmakers from all over the world. The country, which also boasts a climate opposite to that of the northern hemisphere, provides unique opportunities to film authentic winter scenes in the northern summer and vice versa.

This October, on the 17th and 18th, Apu Productions’ proposal can be fully explored in the upcoming edition of the Shooting Locations Marketplace. This event, which has established itself as an essential meeting point for industry professionals, will allow attendees to learn more about the opportunities and facilities that Apu Productions and Peru offer for the development of film projects, from logistics to obtaining shooting permits in various locations.


Source: APU Productions

Machu Picchu is the crown jewel of Andean settings

The locations available in Peru are not simply limited to its natural landscapes but also include iconic places full of history and culture. The possibility of filming in archaeological settings, such as Machu Picchu or the Nazca lines, provides unique added value to any production. Additionally, the colourful and vibrant Peruvian cities, with their local markets and colonial architecture, offer an unparalleled cultural and aesthetic backdrop, adding authenticity and depth to visual narratives.

On the other hand, Peru’s biodiversity manifests in a variety of ecosystems, from the heights of the Andean range to the density of the Amazon. The versatility of these natural settings allows for the creation of different ambiences for projects, providing a range of possibilities in narrative and visual design. And, speaking of green areas, the jungle landscapes of the Peruvian Amazon, as well as the vast plains of the sierra, offer a spectacular and lush view that translates into scenes of stunning natural beauty on screen.

Within the urban scope, cities like Lima and Cusco not only present an intriguing mix of the modern and the historic but also allow narratives intertwined with the country’s rich pre-Columbian and colonial history to be explored. The colour of their streets, the friendliness of their people, and the exquisiteness of their renowned cuisine are elements that add flavour and texture to productions that choose Peru as their cinematic canvas.

Apu Productions not only stands out for facilitating access to these fascinating locations but also for offering comprehensive services that range from location scouting and shooting permit management to production logistics and hiring highly qualified bilingual teams. The company also expertly handles international and freight logistics, providing support in crucial aspects such as equipment transportation and customs management, thus ensuring that the filming process in the South American country is as smooth and efficient as possible.

In the context of a globalised world, where the search for new and exciting locations is constant, Apu Productions and Peru reveal themselves as strategic allies for visual content creators. Captivating with their diversity, cultural richness, and accessibility, this nation and the prominent production company open their arms to the international industry, inviting it to explore, discover, and of course, create in the heart of South America.