Tenerife, with its more than 2,000km², has captured the imagination of filmmakers from around the world. This Atlantic jewel not only stands out for its exotic beaches with varied sands but also hosts a range of landscapes that dazzle with their diversity. From the imposing deserts and volcanic landscapes, with the majestic Teide as the utmost exponent, to its evocative colonial towns and contemporary cities, the island offers an ideal backdrop for any production.

The mosaic of locations does not end here. Lush forests and pine groves intertwine with modern architecture and remote lighthouses that dot the coast. Two of its gems have been recognised as Unesco heritage sites: Teide, in the category of natural heritage, and the city of La Laguna, as cultural heritage. Such is the wealth and variety of settings that Tenerife has been used to recreate countries as diverse as Latin American, Asian, or African locations.

The next edition of the Shooting Locations Marketplace, which takes place on 17th and 18th October, will provide a unique opportunity to thoroughly explore the cinematographic proposals that Tenerife has to offer. And it is not only the variety of locations that attracts filmmakers but also the weather conditions. A temperate climate throughout the year, with an average annual temperature of 23ºC, ensures that outdoor shoots can be carried out without major setbacks.


Fuente: Tenerife Film Commission

Facilitation of processes is total on the part of the commission

Tenerife facilitates the production process in multiple ways. Beyond the locations, the Tenerife Film Commission provides producers with a comprehensive directory of more than 80 local companies specialised in various audiovisual services. This ranges from service production companies, technical teams, transport, to ‘film-friendly’ hotels and equipment rental. Additionally, they offer incentives like the “Location Bonus” for first location visits, as long as the project meets certain requirements.

Producers in Tenerife have additional advantages, such as an annual coastal permit that facilitates filming on the coast. Additionally, they have the continuous support of the Tenerife Film Commission to manage filming permits, procedures with minors and other essential production management tasks. It is clear that Tenerife not only has the landscapes but also the infrastructure and necessary experience to accommodate productions of any magnitude.

The cinematic legacy of the island is proof of this. In 2022, Tenerife was the setting for 122 audiovisual productions, from animation to feature films, with an investment that reached the record figure of 101 million euros. Some of the most prominent productions of the year include series like “Foundation 2”, “Jack Ryan 4”, and films like “Lo carga el diablo” and “El salto”. And, in previous years, renowned titles such as ‘La casa de papel’ and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ also chose Tenerife as their cinematic home. Tenerife is not only a top tourist destination but also a paradise for filmmakers and producers looking for unique locations, logistical support and an unparalleled experience in the world of cinema.