Situated to the west of Western Europe, the region of Brittany stands out as an enclave laden with charm, history, and a landscape diversity that makes it a treasure for any film production. With easy access, being just 1h25 from Paris by train and with availability of flights through international airports, Brittany opens up to the cinematic world not only because of its accessibility but also because of the richness and variety of its locations, which majestically stretch over 27,000 km².

Brittany offers a panorama of stunning locations and has become a destination that captivates filmmakers from all over the world. From iconic lighthouses, like the Phare du Petit Minou, standing on the coast outlining the meeting of the ocean with the land, to imposing fortresses like Fort la Latte, the options for filming are as varied as they are visually striking. Every corner of this region becomes a potential stage where history and nature converge, providing an authentic and diverse context for various cinematic narratives.

In the next edition of the Shooting Locations Marketplace, to be held on 17 and 18 October, attendees will have the opportunity to explore Brittany’s offer in depth. It is a time to discover, to immerse oneself in the possibilities that this French corner offers, and to visualize the stories that could come to life in the region’s impressive natural and cultural sets. Brittany unfolds like an open book, waiting to be read by the curious eyes of producers and directors seeking authentically spectacular.


Source: Bretagne Cinema


Perfect locations for a perfect production

In addition to natural and architectural wonder, Brittany provides support through the TRIP (Tax Rebate for International Productions), granted by the CNC (French National Centre for Cinema, Television and Moving Image). This tax refund, of up to 40%, is designed for both large budgets and smaller projects, including feature films, short films, VR, VFX, and animation projects that are carried out fully or partly in France, making Brittany an even more attractive place to create.

But it is not only funding that makes Brittany a notable option. The region also offers a co-development grant, of up to 40k€ for feature films and TV series. Open to all global co-productions that have a producer based in Brittany, this grant is an additional incentive to consider this region as a starting or development point for film and series projects.

Brittany’s wealth is also reflected in its people and the professionals who inhabit it. With 850 qualified professionals among cast and crew, the region establishes itself as a place where not only dream locations are found but also a team of people trained and passionate about their craft. Local producers, suppliers, and production service companies complement the offer, ensuring that every aspect of the production can be handled with mastery and dedication.

The commitment of the Brittany Film Commission is to simplify the lives of the teams that choose to shoot their films in Brittany. Providing free advice and assistance to all production teams, from feature films to series, documentaries, animations, and more, the commission seeks to act as a consultant and intermediary, offering help at all stages of the creative and production process.

Every detail of Brittany, from its stunning coast to its historic buildings, its green meadows and its cobbled streets, weaves a tapestry that awaits to be captured by the lens of creators looking to imprint on their works the unpretentious and authentic magic of a place that, without a doubt, has much to tell.