Palencia, a province that is part of the rich Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, is home to a region with centuries of history and geological wealth: the Cerrato Palentino. The Association for the Comprehensive Rural Development of Cerrato Palentino (ADRI Cerrato Palentino) emerges as the guardian and promoter of this territory, born in the year 2000 with the objective of enhancing the economic, social, and cultural development of this area, safeguarding the wellbeing and growth of its 40 member municipalities.

Not only do the landscapes and reliefs of the Cerrato make it special, but also its localities. Places like Astudillo, with its rich medieval heritage; Baltanás, and its underground cellars, or Torquemada, with its historic bridge, are just some of the jewels that this region hides.

During the next edition of Shooting Locations Marketplace, which will take place on the 17th and 18th of October, attendees will have the opportunity to discover in detail this proposal of locations, a versatile and rich stage for all kinds of productions.

The Cerrato Palentino is still a place to be exploited, in audiovisual terms

Undoubtedly, the Cerrato Palentino is a vivid sample of the geological history of the Iberian Peninsula. Its relief, defined by limestone moors, is the result of Pontian limestone deposits that have withstood the passage of time and erosion. These moors, once home to Mediterranean oak forests, now reveal stony and flat soils that have been shaped by human action over the centuries.

Although human presence has left its mark, it is still possible to find vestiges of the original natural wealth. The slopes, which connect moors and valleys, have historically been used as pastures, but over time and overexploitation, they have suffered erosion. Despite this, the valleys of the Cerrato Palentino continue to be places of great fertility, irrigated by streams and rivers, which give life to extensive and lush riparian forests. These forests, with their biodiversity and freshness, are a true joy for any production that seeks a natural and authentic environment.

Cerrato Palentino

Source: ADRI Cerrato Palentino

But the Cerrato is not only nature and landscapes. It is history, it is tradition. When travelling through its municipalities, one can find an amalgam of architectural styles ranging from medieval to more modern constructions.

The historical-artistic heritage unfolds in churches, castles, and main squares that tell the chronicles of times gone by. To give an example, towns like Palenzuela stand out for their impressive fortress and ruins of a splendid past. The town of Dueñas, on the other hand, offers a network of streets that seem to be taken from tales of yesteryear, being an ideal setting for any production that seeks to recreate past eras.

Within the region, the role of the ADRI Cerrato Palentino Association is also relevant. This entity, which integrates multiple socioeconomic factors, from municipalities to cooperatives, has been a key piece in the promotion and development of the area. With the mission of ensuring the comprehensive development of the territory, it has strived to highlight and enhance its resources and endogenous values, showing the world all the potential that the Cerrato Palentino has to offer.

A geological jewel within Castilla y León

In geographical terms, the Cerrato Palentino extends as a vast region that borders other lands equally rich in history and culture. Its unique geology, which gives it a clearly differentiable identity from other Castilian-Leonese regions, translates into landscapes of hills and undulating lands that offer unparalleled panoramic views. Additionally, its altitude, exceeding 900 meters above sea level in many areas, provides elevated scenarios from where to appreciate the majesty of the region.

The Shooting Locations Marketplace thus presents itself as an unparalleled opportunity for producers, directors, and film and television professionals to find in the Cerrato Palentino the perfect stage for their projects. From natural landscapes to urban corners with centuries of history, this region promises to be the ideal canvas to tell unforgettable stories.

The wealth of the Cerrato Palentino lies not only in its geography or its monuments but in the people who inhabit its lands. A community that, with pride and effort, has managed to keep alive the traditions and essence of a territory that, undoubtedly, has much to offer the world of cinema and television. The invitation is open to discover and explore this corner of Castilla y León, a hidden gem that awaits to be the stage for great stories.