In the heart of Spain, where history and modernity converge in an enchanting dance, lies Valladolid, a destination that has captivated filmmakers and producers from around the globe. Since its inception in 2014, the Valladolid Film Commission has played a pivotal role in attracting the audiovisual industry to this region, offering a myriad of opportunities and facilitating every stage of film production.

The Valladolid Film Commission, housed within the Mixed Society for the Promotion of Tourism in Valladolid, stands as a crucial support for audiovisual production companies involved in cinema, television, advertising, animation, and digital media wishing to bring their projects to life in this charming corner of Spain. Its mission is to provide the necessary logistical, artistic, and professional information to film at any location within Valladolid and its province, from the beginning to the end of production.

Since its inception, the Valladolid Film Commission has been an active part of the Spain Film Commission, a national body promoting filming throughout the country. However, its focus remains firmly rooted in showcasing the virtues of Valladolid, not only as an exceptional film set but also as a boost for local industrial activity and tourism. This goal is realised through a robust productive ecosystem that includes not only diverse and accessible locations but also a network of professionals and companies capable of meeting all audiovisual production needs.

Source: Valladolid Film Commission

The Valladolid Film Commission’s commitment to the sector is evident through its collaborations with key industry associations and prestigious events such as the Audiovisual Platform of Castilla y León and the Valladolid International Film Week (SEMINCI). Moreover, the commission provides direct support to local production, encouraging the return of talent and professionals who often work outside the region.

Operationally, the Valladolid Film Commission stands out for its accessibility and transparency. It offers free and open access to the procedures necessary to request public space locations, liaise with private companies and locations, obtain permits, and benefit from incentives. This facilitating approach turns Valladolid and its province into a true cinematic stage, where the possibilities are boundless.

Success stories showcasing the magic of Valladolid

Since 2014, the Valladolid Film Commission has supported approximately 350 shoots of varying magnitudes and genres, spanning from short films to feature films, television programmes, documentaries, and music videos. These projects have not only made their mark on screen but have also contributed to the local economy and strengthened ties between the community and the film industry.

Among the standout projects of 2022, we find “Memento Mori” from Amazon Prime Video, produced by Zebra Productions and Grupo Izen, transforming Valladolid into the backdrop for a riveting thriller. Additionally, “I’m Going to Have a Good Time,” directed by David Serrano, an exhilarating musical based on songs by Hombres G, captivated both cinemas and Amazon Prime Video. Both productions masterfully utilised iconic Valladolid locations such as Plaza Mayor, San Benito, and Plaza del Salvador, to name a few.

In 2023, the eagerly anticipated series “Memento Mori” from Amazon Prime Video, set to premiere early in the year, will continue to enthrall viewers, this time immersing them in a thriller against the backdrop of Valladolid. Locations like Plaza de San Pablo, the surroundings of the Pisuerga River, and the city centre streets will provide the perfect ambiance for this gripping tale.

The Valladolid Film Commission has succeeded in establishing Valladolid as a renowned cinematic destination, where the collaboration between the audiovisual industry and the region has yielded memorable successes. Each film shoot not only enriches the screen but also contributes to weaving a shared story of creativity, passion, and unity between the film culture and the local community.