Santiago de Compostela Film Commission is a non-profit municipal office for audiovisual promotion with a public service vocation created in 2002 by Turismo de Santiago. Its main objective is to promote the city through the promotion of image culture, as well as to stimulate and consolidate the film and audiovisual industry and all the services derived from it.

Its basic functions are:

  • Facilitating relations between audiovisual production companies and the industry’s services and facilities in the city, providing all kinds of advice and information in this regard.
  • Processing of permits.
  • Assistance service for filming.
  • Location scouting service.
  • Ongoing liaison with the community, production companies and government.

This filming destination will attend the SHOOTING LOCATIONS MARKETPLACE, an event organised by Feria de Valladolid and Spain Film Commission, which will take place in the city of Valladolid for professionals from the audiovisual sector.