Bilbao Bizkaia Film Commission is a free public service, promoted by the Bilbao City Council and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.  They offer tax incentives (up to 70%), trust and legal security, competent professionals and a map of unique and singular locations, including the city, the coast, natural parks, historic centres, avant-garde architecture… Bilbao also has an international airport connected to the whole world. Filming in Bilbao Bizkaia means feeling like a family, surrounded by committed people who will do everything in their power to ensure the success of your project.

This filming destination will be part of the second edition of Shooting Locations Marketplace, the event for audiovisual professionals organised by Feria de Valladolid and Spain Film Commission. Producers, location scouts, filming destinations and auxiliary production services companies will meet in Valladolid on 20 and 21 October, in a space designed for networking.