Film Commission Poland has been operating since 2012. The Polish national film commission was established on the initiative of regional film commissions and funds as well as industry organizations such as the Polish Film Institute, the Polish Producers Alliance and the Polish Filmmakers Association. The commission serves as the first point of contact for filmmakers interested in producing in Poland, is active at international film fairs, and works closely with a network of regional film commissions. 

For several years, the commission functioned within the structures of the Polish Audiovisual Center Foundation, but since autumn 2018 the operator of FCP has been the Polish Film Institute. The change was dictated primarily by preparations for the introduction in Poland of financial incentives for audiovisual production, which are now managed by the Institute. 

From February 2019 the Polish Film Institute provides access to a generous 30% cash rebate on productions, including feature films, animations, documentaries and series made in Poland and offers reimbursement of production costs incurred in Poland in the amount of 30% of Polish eligible expenditures. Polish Film Institute also publishes such publications as Production & Location Guide, which bring foreign audiences closer to the Polish audiovisual market and the possibilities of cooperation with the Polish film industry.