Andalucia Film Commission will participate in the second edition of SHOOTING LOCATIONS MARKETPLACE, the meeting for professionals of the audiovisual sector that will take place on the 20th and 21st of October in the city of Valladolid. This event is co-organised by Feria de Valladolid and Spain Film Commission with the aim of creating a networking space that favours commercial agreements between producers and location scouts with filming destinations and auxiliary production service companies.

Andalucía offers up to a 30% tax rebate, a highly qualified AV industry and a large diversity of locations, from the largest desert in Europe to the more diverse beaches and landscapes, historical sites end modern buildings.

Andalucia is the place where all the universes you can imagine begin. The southernmost region of continental Europe, Andalucia is a land of deserts, high mountains, landscapes, forests, tropical sites, beaches and cliffs, whitewashed villages, historical sites and modern cities, castles, Baroque mansions and fabulous Moorish palaces.

The eight Andalusian provinces have worked as ideal locations for the creation of many universes the cinematic imaginary preserves today, from Planet Naboo in Star Wars to the Kingdoms of Dorne, Mereen or the Dothraki Sea in Game of Thrones. Andalucia, the only place where you can find James Bond, Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones or Lady Di.