Do production companies and destinations speak the same language? At Shooting Locations Marketplace professional from audiovisual industry, filming, locators and scouters, territories and industry entities will share work tables, where they will discuss about the needs of the productions, requirements followed in order to choose a place against another, case studies, financial or other kind of help, current laws, etc.

These sessions will start with a conference by Dow Griffith, a locator who began his professional career in 1977 with “Carrie”, by Brian de Palma. John Hughes, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, Nora Ephron, Steven Seagal, Darren Aronofsky, Steven Soderbergh are some of the directors he has worked with since then.

This will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Adrian Wootton, Executive Director of the British Film Commission; Angelica Cantisani, manager of the European Film Commissions Network; Peter Andermatt, director of Europa Creativa España (Creative Europe Spain), and John Rakich, president of Location Manager Guild International.

Leon Forde, CEO of Olsberg.SPI, will also speak on the first day of Shooting Locations Marketplace. And on Friday 22nd these sessions will have the presence of Lori Balton, a locator who after 30 years doing this work ensures that “she can’t imagine anything more rewarding.” Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe have been destinations of her travels looking for scenarios.

Balton will share a work table with the Canary Islands and Greece, two territories that are developing an interesting policy for attracting international shootings.

The increase in the demand for audiovisual contents and its impact on the industry will be another of the issues discussed on Friday 22nd, closing the cycle of conferences that will be moderated by experts from the Spain Film Commission, an organisation that supports the development of Shooting Locations Marketplace.