Film Madrid, the shooting destination of Madrid Region, has already confirmed its attendance to the first edition of Shooting Locations Marketplace, the international event in which audiovisual industry and shooting locators will meet. This event will take place next October at Feria de Valladolid.

Film Madrid is the public service of Madrid Region that has the aim of supporting the audiovisual industry through actions that make easier all the shooting request forms. They provide advicement about locations, logistics, help and grants, among others.

The wide range of locations and scenaries in conjucntion with the technical capacity of the professionals have made possible the production of titles as “Way Down”, “Line Walker 2”, “La Fortuna”, “Veneno”, “Elite”, “Cable Girls” or “The Ministry of Time”.

Shooting Locations Marketplace, a project developed by Feria de Valladolid endorsed by the Spain Film Commission, has an international scope. Today international and national destinations as Canary Islands, La Rioja, Navarra, Mallorca, United Kingdom, Costa Blanca, Portugal, Castille and León, Córdoba and Valence have confirmed their attendance.