Bodegas Piedra: a unique wine tourism experience at FINE #WineTourism Marketplace

In the upcoming edition of FINE #WineTourism Marketplace, we will feature a new participant: Bodegas Piedra, a benchmark in Toro’s viticulture. This region, located in the province of Zamora, within the autonomous community of Castile and León, is renowned for its robust and expressive wines, with a personality that reflects the character of its land and people.

The undisputed star of Toro’s viticulture is the Tinta de Toro grape, a local variant of Tempranillo adapted to the region’s climate and terrain. This grape is known for producing full-bodied wines, with a high concentration of color and tannins, and with a remarkable potential for aging.

The History of the Winery Founded in 1997 by the Stein family, Bodegas Piedra has turned a passion for wine into tangible reality. Located in the Guareña valley, at the heart of the Denomination of Origin, Piedra Wineries takes pride in its vineyard inaugurated in 1967, which is the largest plot of old vines in the region.

What does Bodegas Piedra offer for wine tourism?

A visit to Bodegas Piedra begins with a tour of its venerable vineyards, including the Pago de Bocarrage, a historic plot planted in 1967. This vineyard is crucial for understanding the quality and winemaking history of Toro, offering a window into indigenous varieties such as Tinta de Toro, Garnacha, and Albillo Real. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the characteristics of the alluvial pebbly soil and its impact on the distinctive properties of the region’s wines.

The wine tourism experience is enriched with varied activities aimed at satisfying all wine lovers. The Piedra Experience offers a guided tour of the vineyards followed by a tasting of selected wines, providing an immersion into the winemaking tradition of Toro and highlighting the nuances of Piedra’s wines. For those interested in a more gastronomic experience, the “Piedra + Tapas” Experience combines wine tasting with a selection of local tapas, reflecting the region’s rich culinary offerings.

Additionally, visitors can opt for a more comprehensive experience that includes a tour of the vineyards, a wine tasting, and a meal at the Lagarona restaurant, where local cuisine is paired with the winery’s wines. On the other hand, the Among Barrels Experience offers a unique perspective on the influence of wood on wine, through a tasting in the cellar.

Wines and Gastronomy: Lagarona, a top-level restaurant

The philosophy of Bodegas Piedra encompasses not only the production of exceptional wines but also respect for the environment. The creation of organic and natural wines is an essential part of their identity. They are recognized for their aromatic intensity, with fruity and spicy notes, and a structure that allows them to evolve favorably over time.

Piedra’s wines, which include a wide range from young and natural wines to those showing the maturity of an old vineyard, are created to delight the senses and celebrate life. The Lagarona restaurant, located within the winery, complements the wine tourism experience with a cuisine that blends tradition and innovation, offering a variety of grilled meats and vegetarian options.

Bodegas Piedra presents itself at FINE #WineTourism Marketplace as a winery that masterfully combines tradition and modernity, offering a complete wine tourism experience that ranges from deep wine knowledge to the tasting of exquisite dishes, in an environment that celebrates the rich winemaking tradition of Toro.