The fifth edition of FINE, the trade fair for wine tourism professionals, kicks off


  • Tour operators from 23 countries are participating in this specialised contracting market
  • 140 wineries and routes from Spain, Portugal and Italy showcase their wine tourism offers
  • The event includes conferences, workshops and round tables that take a deep dive into wine tourism models and the link with gastronomy

FINE, the International Wine Tourism Fair, kicks off its fifth edition at the Feria de Valladolid venue on Wednesday, 13 March. The event boasts the participation of 140 wineries and routes from Spain, Portugal, and Italy, alongside 84 specialised tour operators from 23 countries.

A notable addition to this year’s edition is the debut of the Italian regions of Marche and Sicily, who come to FINE to present the offerings of five wineries and six routes. These include Tenuta Cocci Grifoni, Tenuta San Marcello, Vini Venturi, Tenuta di Tavignano, Azienda Sartarelli, and routes that feature the wine and tastes of Etna, Val di Mazara, Val di Noto, Marsala-Terre d’Occidente, Val dei Templi, and Terre Sicane.

“The addition of Sicily and Marche is fantastic news for FINE, an event with a global reach, a market open to professionals from around the world, expanding the destinations to offer tour operators a wider range of options to craft their travel packages for the upcoming season”, explained Alberto Alonso, the managing director of Feria de Valladolid.

The Iberian Peninsula’s offerings have also expanded, featuring renowned wine tourism regions and leading wineries like Marqués de Riscal, Ferrer Miranda, Grupo Masaveu, and Abadía da Cova. This year’s buyer’s programme boasts 84 professionals from 23 countries, representing diverse destinations such as Australia, the Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, Great Britain, Germany, the United States, Finland, Norway, Israel, and Lithuania.

This growth in both supply and demand is expected to lead to a higher number of business meetings, surpassing the 1,800 held during the previous edition. Furthermore, as a contracting market FINE serves not only as a venue for formal meetings but also fosters spontaneous interactions across various platforms. The event’s impact reaches beyond the meeting tables to technical seminars and visits to regions of Spain and Regione Marche that provide tour operators with invaluable first-hand insights for developing their wine tourism products.

Public-private partnership

The development of wine tourism exemplifies the successful collaboration between public institutions and private enterprises, a model mirrored at FINE. The fair is made possible through the backing of various institutions, wineries, and professional associations such as Valladolid City Council, the Provincial Council, the Junta de Castilla y León, Turespaña, the Spanish Wine Federation, the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies, and top wineries like Protos, Dehesa de los Canónigos, Abadía Retuerta, and Ferrer Miranda.

“These initial three wineries play a pivotal role in the history of FINE not only because they participate in the project but because they brought their expertise to the table to shape the initiative’s innovative framework”, explained Alberto Alonso.

FINE’s recognition as a “fully international” event by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Enterprise underscores the depth of this collaboration. This prestigious designation not only grants customs benefits for international participants but also signifies acknowledgement of the event’s quality, the notable progress of recent editions, and the unwavering support from the sector.

In Spain, there are approximately 4,000 wineries, but only about 800 of them offer wine tourism experiences, a surprise considering that nearly 85% of visitors to these wineries are domestic, according to an industry report by Segittur.

These statistics stand in stark contrast to those of France, where there are around 10,000 wineries, the majority of which cater to international visitors. In the Bordeaux region alone, about 90% of wineries offer wine tourism experiences and in Portugal, 71% of the country’s wine tourists come from outside the country’s borders.


This year’s FINE will spotlight the interplay between wine tourism and gastronomy, highlighting how the synergy between both offerings can bolster destinations. As a testament to this focus, Saborea España will make its debut at FINE, showcasing the culinary delights of three regions: Valladolid, Ciudad Real, and Lanzarote.

Conferences, workshops, and round tables

FINE features a diverse programme of conferences that take a deep dive into wine tourism models and explore the key partnerships that can contribute to the growth and sustainability of regions.

The inaugural lecture will be delivered by Paul Wagner, an esteemed American analyst and wine tourism expert. A subsequent round table discussion will look deeper into the intricate connection between wine tourism and gastronomy. Later in the day, a workshop will unveil prevailing market trends and the experiences that tour operators seek to incorporate into their destinations.

On the second day, attendees will have the opportunity to focus on specific case studies from wineries and regions in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. The culmination of BEFINE 2024 will feature a round table discussion that explores the connections between wine tourism, literature, and film.