Oenological Discovery: Tenuta di Tavignano at FINE #WineTourism Marketplace

Tenuta di Tavignano

With the arrival of a new edition of FINE #WineTourism Marketplace on March 13 and 14, 2024, we are pleased to announce the participation of Tenuta di Tavignano, a viticultural gem located in the heart of Marche, Italy.

Tenuta di Tavignano stands out for its focus on 100% organic production, harmonizing ancient viticultural techniques with modern technological innovations to enhance the authenticity and quality of its wines. This winery is a living testament to the dynamism and freshness that the second generation has brought to the Marche winemaking legacy, maintaining deep respect for the region’s cultivation and winemaking traditions.

The philosophy of Tenuta di Tavignano centers on the terroir as the soul of wine, capturing the tastes, traditions, and essence of the people who have lived among the castles and towns of Marche. The winds from the Adriatic and the Apennines, along with the influence of the rivers crossing this land, are key components defining the uniqueness of their wines.

With thirty hectares dedicated to vine cultivation, divided between white and red grape varieties, Tenuta di Tavignano is committed to the biodiversity and self-sufficiency of its vineyards, ensuring a rich and healthy soil.

The wine tourism proposal of Tenuta di Tavignano

The wine tourism experience at Tenuta di Tavignano is an invitation to immerse yourself in the essence of their wines and the Marche landscape that sees them born. Through guided tours of the winery and vineyards, visitors have the opportunity to explore the deep connection of the winery with its land, understanding the meticulous production process behind each bottle.

Wine tastings, accompanied by typical local products, offer a sensory journey highlighting the versatility and richness of Verdicchio, the region’s flagship grape.

With options ranging from “Territory Tasting” to “Vertical Tasting from Our Cru,” Tenuta di Tavignano designs experiences for all tastes and levels of curiosity about the wine world. These activities not only allow participants to discover the diversity and quality of Tavignano’s wines but also learn about the Marche wine culture and its impact on sustainable viticulture.

A commitment to excellence and sustainability

Beyond its wine tourism proposal, Tenuta di Tavignano stands out for its commitment to excellence and sustainability. The transition to fully organic production, culminating in organic certification in 2018, is a clear reflection of the winery’s philosophy.

This sustainable approach not only respects the natural cycle of plants and the health of the ecosystem but also ensures the creation of high-quality wines that faithfully express the character of their terroir.

Tenuta di Tavignano’s participation in FINE #WineTourism Marketplace offers a unique opportunity to closely know their wine tourism proposal and sustainable vision. We invite all attendees to explore the legacy and innovation this Marche winery has to offer, in an event that promises to be a memorable meeting for wine and wine tourism lovers.