Get to know the most wine-loving Madrid: soul and vineyards

Madrid, with its rich winemaking tradition, stands out in the national and international oenotourism landscape. This region, unique for hosting a Denomination of Origin within a European capital, has become the epicentre of an unparalleled wine experience.

With a history closely intertwined with its villages, heritage, traditions, and gastronomy, Madrid offers a sensory journey through its Wine Routes, promising visitors a complete immersion in wine culture. The richness and diversity of the subzones of Arganda, El Molar, Navalcarnero, and San Martín de Valdeiglesias, each with its distinctive character, contribute to a wine mosaic that invites exploration and discovery.

Wine tourism in Madrid is an invitation to experience the most authentic Madrid. Here, the passion for wine merges with the love for the land, giving rise to experiences that go beyond tasting.

The Community of Madrid, with more than 8,000 hectares of vineyards and a firm commitment to quality since 1990, opens its doors to wine enthusiasts and curious individuals from around the world. With an oenotourism offering that has been enriched since 2016, the wineries of Madrid invite you to dive into a world of flavours, aromas, and unique sensations.

Madrid’s oenotourism proposal

Discovering Madrid through its wine is to embark on a journey where each stop is a revelation. The region’s wineries, true sanctuaries of wine, offer a range of experiences that allow one to understand viniculture from the vine to the glass.

Guided tours, both of the wineries and the vineyards, present an opportunity to closely understand the wine-making process, maintaining a balance between tradition and the most innovative techniques.

Additionally, activities such as grape stomping or making your own wine bring visitors closer to the very essence of this ancient art.

Madrid’s wine tourism is complemented with proposals that integrate other aspects of the local culture. Experiences such as tastings under the stars, trekking among vineyards, or cultural visits that combine historical heritage with the enjoyment of wine, enrich the oenotourism offering.

This variety of activities seeks to connect the visitor not only with the wine but also with the land, its people, and its history. Madrid, in this sense, offers experiential oenotourism, where each glass is a story and each winery, a home open to those who wish to discover the best-kept secrets of the region.

Combining wine, culture, and nature

Beyond wine, Madrid’s oenotourism proposes an approach to the culture and nature of the region. The landscapes of vineyards stretching across the subzones of Madrid provide the perfect setting for outdoor activities that combine exercise, learning, and leisure.

The Sierra de Gredos, with its imposing beauty, serves as a majestic backdrop for trekking days, horseback riding routes, or simply, moments of contemplation and connection with the environment.

This comprehensive approach to oenotourism reflects a commitment to promoting sustainable and quality tourism, where wine is the protagonist of a broader narrative that embraces tradition, innovation, and respect for nature. Madrid Oenotourism thus invites you to a complete experience that stimulates all the senses, in which each sip of wine is a tribute to the land that saw it born.

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