Discovering the territory and grappa with the Andrea Da Ponte Distillery


Visiting a territory but not only: experiencing, discovering, tasting … this is the ambitious goal of the new Da Ponte project, dedicated to tastings and the development of food and wine in one of the most beautiful and evocative places in Italy.

Andrea Da Ponte is a distillery that boasts over 120 years of activity and absolute records such as the Vecchia Grappa di Prosecco, born in 1969, which was the first single-variety grappa distilled only with Prosecco pomace and aged 8 years in Limousin barrique barrels. Da Ponte products range from grappas aged from 3 to 18 years, to spirits without forgetting liqueurs, among which the first amaro ever made with ginger stands out: Amaro 33. One of the many treasures of this prestigious reality is the famous distillation method created by Matteo Da Ponte in 1896 which was the first scientifically documented: still today with continuous improvements, the distillery carefully follows the dictates so as to allow all distillates to keep intact the varietal aromas of the grapes .

Getting closed to know the Andrea Da Ponte, it’s a true combination of tradition and innovation, is an opportunity not to be missed: for this reason, the distillery has developed a new projects that wants to spread the knowledge of its production and its famous Method to promote the discovery of the richness surrounding area, nominated UNESCO heritage in 2020.

The new project concerns tastings at the distillery. The type of experience can be chosen among three options: the basic tasting, with some grappas paired with sweet or savory foods, the tasting with a visit to the distillation rooms or the one with access also to the aging warehouse which is one of the largest in Italy. All tastings will be accompanied by the stories and insights from the Da Ponte experts, who will be happy to answer all the visitors’ questions.

To extend the experience to the whole surrounding area, the project provides the possibility for customers to book restaurants, hotels or other experiences such as visits to places of interest, a vespa ride or tours in bicycle. Reservations will be made online, directly from the Da Ponte web page.

This important project will be conveyed via the web, with particular dedicated campaigns on social networks, sponsorships but also through events and paper material such as postcards, leaflets, brochures or rollups.