The PortugalFoods association has joined Manufacturing Partners, the contract manufacturing event organised by Feria de Valladolid that targets food and beverage production and buying companies seeking partners for their production lines.

PortugalFoods’ members include companies as well as research and technology centres that represent the various subsectors of Portugal’s agri-food industry. The work carried out by this organisation is based on knowledge transfer, innovation and competitiveness.

«PortugalFoods and Manufacturing Partners clearly share similar general goals; namely cooperation between food and beverage companies, the transfer of knowledge and business platforms, which is precisely why we value their support for this innovative project so highly”, stated Alberto Alonso, Feria de Valladolid’s CEO.

According to Deolinda Silva, Executive Director at PortugalFoods, “Manufacturing Partners is an innovative event that differs from others organised by PortugalFoods. It offers national agri-food businesses interested in producing food for third parties an excellent opportunity for promotion and networking that will drive their business in this niche, which is of major importance for numerous companies operating in the sector. Articulating national participation through PortugalFoods will facilitate access and compensate for the lack of opportunities to develop this type of business”.

PortugalFoods will further contribute to the support offered by the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries (FIAB in its Spanish initials), another organisation that is collaborating with Manufacturing Partners.

Current uncertainty on the international scene, difficulties in securing raw material supplies and the logistics crisis have motivated the decision to put back the date for the first edition of Manufacturing Partners, which is now scheduled for June 2023.