With the aim of internationalising its wine tourism, Ferrer Miranda will be at FINE 2023

The spirit of FINE #WineTourismExpo is to expand wine tourism in an international way and it seems that many of the exhibitors and wineries attending the fair have the same objective. One of the companies that has the wine tourism potential of a place like Spain in mind is Ferrer Miranda, who are attending the Valladolid Fair with the representation of their three Spanish wineries: Valdubón, Vionta and Orube.

The first two days of March will be an opportunity for the brand, as one of its main objectives is to make itself known and what better way to make the wine product shine than through a perfect plan of guided tours and unforgettable experiences for all tourists who visit any of its wineries.

The history of the passion for wine

The history of the Sala Ferré family is a story of love and passion for the world of wine. It all began in 1861, when Francesc Sala Ferré decided to dedicate himself to winemaking on the family estate of Can Sala, located some 60 km from Barcelona. With the help of a state-of-the-art press imported from France, Francesc began a commitment to technology, innovation and quality that has characterised the family for generations.

The wine business was passed from father to son, and so it was that Joan Sala, Francesc’s son, continued the winemaking tradition. In turn, Joan passed on the legacy to his daughter Dolors Sala and her husband Pere Ferrer Bosch, known as “El Freixenet”, who came from the family that owned the Freixenet winery.

Together, Dolors and Pere founded Freixenet in 1914 and took a risky and successful gamble: sparkling wines. The company enjoyed great success thanks to the combination of Dolors’ knowledge as an oenologist and administrator, and Pere’s business skills as an innovator and excellent salesman.

After Pere’s death during the Spanish Civil War, Dolors took the reins of the company together with her eldest daughter, Pilar Ferrer, and later her youngest son, José Ferrer. With a tireless entrepreneurial spirit, the family never stopped searching for new frontiers in the world of wine.

In the 1990s, the Sala Ferré family decided to expand into the most prestigious Spanish Denominations of Origin, such as Rioja (Solar Viejo), Ribera del Duero (Valdubón) and Rías Baixas (Vionta). In the 2000s, the family landed in Gualtallary, Argentina, with Finca Ferrer.

In 2019, these four wineries joined together to form the current Ferrer Miranda Group, led by Pedro Ferrer Noguer as President, Silvia Carné Masllorens as CEO and Pedro Ferrer Miranda as General Manager. With the personal commitment of its president, his experience and knowledge in the sector, the Group works towards excellence, style and a sustainable future, promoting the values that have always characterised the Sala Ferré family: love and affection for their land and their wines.

The history of the Sala Ferré family is a story of love and dedication to the world of wine. From the production of the first wine to the creation of the Ferrer Miranda Group, the family has been able to transmit from generation to generation the values that have brought them to where they are today: the passion for a job well done and the constant commitment to innovation and quality.

Three proposals at three key points

The Ferrer Miranda winery group has 4 wineries in Spain and Argentina: Valdubón (D.O. Ribera del Duero), Solar Viejo (D.O.C. Rioja), Vionta (D.O. Rías Baixas) and Finca Ferrer Argentina (Valle de Uco). In addition, Ferrer Miranda also produces wines in the Rueda, Monterrei and Vall de Bianya DOs and in the Cachapoal Valley, Chile. All in all, Ferrer Miranda currently produces in 9 different wine regions.

Among the company’s objectives are to increase its internationalisation -it currently has a presence in 46 countries-, as well as to promote wine tourism and develop policies focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Its wine tourism proposal provides extraordinary visits, experiences and events. It highlights the value of zero-kilometre and local proposals, pairing them with its renowned wines.

At FINE, its three Spanish wineries will be represented:

Tradition, character and expression. This is how they define Valdubón, which was founded in 1997 and since then has not stopped producing great wines. Located on the outskirts of Milagros, a village near Aranda de Duero (Burgos). The vineyards are located in the northern plateau of the Iberian Peninsula, on the banks of the Duero River.

On the other side is Vionta which is the home of all dreamers. The company dreamed of creating the perfect Albariño and in this corner they have succeeded. The inspiration provided by the natural spectacle of the Val do Salnés, in the heart of the Rías Baixas, has played a fundamental role in achieving a product of such quality.

Last but not least, there is Orube. Wine tourists can venture into and discover the winery founded in 1937 in the foothills of the spectacular Sierra de Cantabria mountain range next to the picturesque medieval village of Laguardia, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain located in Rioja Alavesa.