The Dão Wine Route, at FINE 2023

Portugal is a country famous for its high quality wines, and the Dão Demarcated Region is one of the country’s most outstanding wine-growing areas. With a winemaking history dating back to the 12th century, the Dão has become a highly respected wine-producing area recognised by experts around the world.

To help visitors discover the beauty and diversity of the region, the Rota dos Vinhos do Dão has been created, a wine route that allows visitors to explore the towns, villages and landscapes of the Dão, while enjoying some of Portugal’s most exquisite wines.

Its proposal, full of history through wine, will be present in just a few days at a new edition, the fourth, of FINE #WineTourismExpo.

Rota dos Vinhos do Dão, almost 30 years of history

The Rota dos Vinhos do Dão was created in 1995 as part of an effort to introduce wine tourism as a way of promoting the region’s wines and harnessing its tourism potential. Since then, the route has evolved to include 48 wine producers, each of which offers a unique and exciting experience for visitors.

The five roteiros of the Rota dos Vinhos do Dão cover the 16 municipalities of the region, from Arganil to Aguiar da Beira, and offer a wide variety of attractions for visitors. On Roteiro 1, visitors can explore the Terras de Viseu, Silgueiros and Senhorim, while Roteiro 2 covers the Terras de Azurara and Castendo. Roteiro 3 offers an opportunity to discover the Terras de Besteiros, while Roteiro 4 focuses on the Terras de Alva. Finally, Roteiro 5 takes visitors to the Terras de Serra da Estrela, a mountainous region full of charm and natural beauty.

Each of the roteiros is designed to showcase the best of the region, including its picturesque towns and villages, manor houses, ancient and modern wineries, historic villages and crystal-clear rivers. Visitors can taste some of the region’s best wines in the various adegas and quintas, and discover how Dão wines are made.

But the Rota dos Vinhos do Dão is not only an experience for wine lovers. Visitors can also enjoy the natural beauty of the region, with its mountains and hills, rivers and streams, forests and meadows. There are many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and rafting, and for discovering the unique flora and fauna of the region.

In addition to the Rota dos Vinhos do Dão, the region also boasts many other tourist attractions, such as impressive castles and fortresses, historic churches and monasteries, museums and art galleries. Visitors can also sample the region’s delicious gastronomy, with dishes such as roast kid, trout, goat’s cheese and local sausages, among other delicacies.

The role of the Regional Wine Commission

The Comissão Vitivinícola Regional (C.V.R.) do Dão also plays an important role in the promotion and protection of Dão wines. This organisation is in charge of controlling the origin and quality of Dão and Lafões Denomination of Origin wines, and ensures that producers follow rigorous production and marketing standards. The C.V.R. do Dão also grants seals of guarantee to certify the authenticity of the wines and promotes them nationally and internationally.

One of the highlights of the region’s wine tourism offer is Quinta da Pacheca. This beautiful estate is located in the heart of the Dão region and offers a unique and luxurious experience for visitors. The estate features a winery, a restaurant, a swimming pool and high quality accommodation, all surrounded by vineyards and breathtaking scenery. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the winery, wine tastings, gourmet dinners and accommodation in one of the stylishly and elegantly decorated rooms.

Another popular option is Quinta de Lemos, a family-run estate that produces some of the best wines in the region. Visitors can enjoy visits to the winery, wine tastings and a restaurant that offers a unique gastronomic experience, with carefully crafted dishes that combine the traditional flavours of the region with a modern and sophisticated twist.

The Dão region is a stunning and diverse place, with much to offer visitors looking to discover the best of Portugal. Whether you are interested in wine, nature, history or gastronomy, there is something for everyone in the Rota dos Vinhos do Dão. Visitors can explore the region at their own pace, enjoying the hospitality and beauty of this unique and charming wine region.