Juvé & Camps, a firm commitment to wine tourism, present at FINE 2023

Juvé & Camps is a century-old winery located in Penedès, whose roots go back four generations dedicated body and soul to viticulture and the production of premium cavas. Since its founding in 1796, this family has worked to create quality cavas and has won numerous international awards for its commitment to oenological excellence.

With the aim of sharing its passion for wine and culture, the winery has developed an extensive wine tourism offer, offering visitors the opportunity to discover its vineyards, cellars and underground cellars. In addition, thanks to their experience and knowledge, visitors can learn about the history and tradition of cava production in Spain.

The Espiells estate, located in Alt Penedès, is the largest of the Juvé & Camps estates, with 200 hectares of vineyards in the areas most renowned for their wine-making quality. The vineyards, planted on poor clay-limestone soils, are ideal for growing the Macabeo and Xarel-lo varieties, as well as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. At the Espiells winery, the wines are made with uncommon technical rigour and oenological exigency, and the base wines for the cavas and the Propietat d’Espiells wines are aged at the winery’s facilities.

The Juvé & Camps cellars are located in the basement of two linked buildings, with six floors of underground tunnels. At a constant temperature of between 12º C and 18º C, the bottles mature slowly in racks and racks until they are shipped. In the Juve & Camps underground caves, all the work is carried out according to traditional, artisan guidelines, with manual stirring of the bottles. The aim is to give the cavas the subtle and complex aromas that, together with their creaminess, freshness and elegance, characterise the winery’s cavas.

Juvé & Camps’ commitment to wine tourism

Juvé & Camps offers four personalised tour routes for wine lovers who wish to immerse themselves in the culture and tradition of the winery.

The Gran Reserva Route is a guided tour of Juvé & Camps’ century-old cellars, where visitors can learn about the history and tradition of the winery, as well as the production process of its Gran Reserva cavas. The experience ends with a sample of the versatility of Juvé & Camps cavas in an excellent food and wine experience.

The Terroir Route is a tour of the vineyards of the Espiells estate, where visitors can enjoy a picnic in the vineyard and learn about the importance of Terroir, organic viticulture and the cavas made from plots of land.

The Premium Route is a private and exclusive visit to the centenary cellars, with a tasting of the best cavas and pairing with a selection of gourmet products. Finally, the My Day at Juve & Camps Route is a complete and personalised experience that combines a visit to the vineyards, the winery and the centenary cellars with a tasting of the best cavas.

Finally, the My Day at Juvé & Camps Route is a complete experience that combines the Terroir Route with lunch at its restaurant, Mirador de les Caves, and a tasting of its most emblematic cavas.