Fundación Siglo’s dynamic role in FINE 2023

The Siglo Foundation will be one of the most prominent players at the next edition of FINE, #WineTourismExpo, to be held in Valladolid on 1 and 2 March.

This non-profit organisation, registered in the Register of Foundations of the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, has among its aims the promotion and development of activities related to tourism and culture in the region.

In this context, the Siglo Foundation has a long history of supporting and promoting wine culture in the region of Castilla y León. Its work focuses on the protection, promotion and financing of activities related to language, culture, thought and the arts, especially music, cultural heritage, museums and tourism.

In this sense, the Siglo Foundation has actively participated in the promotion and dissemination of wine tourism in the region, contributing to the development, protection, promotion and study of existing cultural and tourist resources. It has also developed initiatives to foster collaboration and business activity in the culture, arts, tourism and Spanish industries, through co-productions, agreements and concerts with companies and entities in the sector.

Fundación Siglo’s role in FINE 2023

Fundación Siglo’s work at the Fair will be mainly to promote and disseminate wine tourism in the region. This organisation will collaborate in the programming, promotion and encouragement of new offers, initiatives and products of cultural and tourist interest, and will participate in the management of sponsorship plans and the search for the participation of private entities, for the organisation of commemorations and cultural, sporting or any other events that contribute to citizens’ access to cultural and artistic manifestations or to the dissemination of the Community as a tourist destination.

In addition, the Fundación Siglo will contribute its experience and knowledge in the promotion of tourism in the region, participating in the preparation of studies and statistics, the formulation of the Community’s tourism policy and planning and the coordination of the actions of local entities in this field.

In short, the Siglo Foundation will be a key player at FINE 2023, contributing to the development and promotion of wine tourism in the region of Castilla y León, and to the positioning of the Iberian Peninsula as a benchmark wine tourism destination in foreign markets. Its presence at this event will be fundamental to consolidate the region’s role as one of the main wine tourism destinations in Europe and will contribute to the enrichment, enjoyment, knowledge, dissemination and prestige of the most relevant cultural and artistic manifestations of its history and current affairs.