The Fariña family was one of those commissioned to put Toro on the map of the designations of origin of Spain and arrives at FINE #WineTourism Markeplace with the aim of placing its offer of experiences on the map of wine tourism. A winery that exudes enthusiasm and that will delight visitors who want to learn more about the winery but also about the region of Toro and the evolution of this wine-growing land.

Bodegas Fariña was born from the illusion and dream of making a wine that would express the personality of the region of Toro and show it to the world. Three generations later, and after more than 80 years of dedication and care, they have managed to ensure that Toro wine is present all over the world. Fariña was a pioneer in changing the way Toro wines were made and the style of Toro wines back in the 1970s. Wines that had in their hallmark a handicap that, to this day, still hovers in the minds of those who have not yet discovered the wines of the area. To understand how the wines of this land have evolved and, above all, to understand its history, it is necessary to visit Bodegas Fariña, where you will not only get to know a winery, but you will also find the meaning of the evolution that this wine-growing land has undergone.

The vineyards are located in different villages in the region of Toro and Tierra del Vino, with different soils, exposures and climates. This allows a better orientation of the production towards the elaboration of different types of wine. More than 300 hectares of our own vineyards are cultivated, where modern, sustainable and technified viticulture is practised, with the aim of achieving the maximum quality of our local variety, the Tinta de Toro, and orienting the production of each plot towards different wines, with their own personality.

Bodegas Fariña is located in Toro, in a setting of old vines, with an exterior construction inspired by traditional architecture, which contrasts with the interior technology of a winery that represents a balance between tradition and modernity, values that have been maintained throughout its history. It consists of several buildings, one of which houses our Museum of Wine and Art on the upper floor, which is constantly being improved and is made up of our own collection of old wine-making machinery and the “El Primero” Abstract Painting Exhibition.

Bodegas Fariña has a wide range of wine tourism options, offering different packages that adapt to the time, availability and interests of the visitor. The visitor will finish the experience impregnated with the essence and illusion that flood the wineries, being this one of the main objectives.

The first of the experiences, discovering Fariña, lasts about 90 minutes and includes a guided tour of the winery’s facilities: from the winemaking, bottling and barrels halls to the Wine-Art Museum, as well as other storage and dormitory areas. It ends with a tasting of two of the winery’s emblematic wines accompanied by a tapa of Zamorano D.O. cheese.

With the five senses is the name given to the second experience, which includes a guided tour of all the winery’s facilities and the tasting of five different wines, which will allow visitors to see the range of possibilities hidden behind Bodegas Fariña, where each wine is made and designed for a specific moment.

The winery also offers the option of enjoying the gastronomy of the area: Eating at Fariña is a unique experience for those who not only want to visit the facilities, but also to get to know and taste the traditional products of the region, as well as their perfect pairing, this being the main objective of the activity.

Tailor-made wine is an à la carte visit for groups or companies looking for a different experience, in which the winery adapts to their needs or interests to offer them an unforgettable visit. The winery’s facilities have unique spaces where presentations, celebrations and meals can be held for all kinds of audiences. This experience can include a visit to the winery and the Museum-Art, vertical tastings, meals in the winery, tasting courses, visits to the vineyard and even harvest days.

Harvest Visits, lasting five hours, is undoubtedly the most complete experience for those who want to get to know the world of wine from the vine to the glass. Led by the winery’s deputy general manager, Manu Fariña, visitors will be able to see first-hand the vineyards where everything comes from. The tour begins by bus, taking tourists to one of Fariña’s own 140-hectare vineyards where Manu Fariña explains the differences between the different grape varieties and visitors have the opportunity to taste them. During the visit, the “grape picker’s lunch” is served, consisting of grapes, Zamorano cheese, bread and different wines from the winery.

The visit to the vineyard ends with a grape harvest workshop, so that visitors can feel like grape harvesters for a day and return home with a basket of grapes as a souvenir. Afterwards, the bus returns to the winery, where they will visit the winery’s facilities and finish with a meal paired with different wines from the winery, with the same menu as in “Eating at Fariña”. The latter was awarded the prize for the “Best Wine Tourism Visit” in 2018 by the Asociación Jóvenes por el Vino.